Friday Funday and Game Day Saturday….


So I’ve come to the conclusion that it, in fact, is NOT summer that I love…’s fall ☺️☺️☺️☺️ That being said I’m SO DAMN HAPPY!!!!!  I absolutely HATE HUMIDITY!!!!!! I LOVED Colorado for all 6 years I was there because there was none of that nonsense there!! Back to the positive: it’s just about gone! Now it’s my chance to enjoy Michigan! Come on Bailey we’re walkin!!!  I want to just keep the ball rolling. I’m down 10 pounds and would like to do some of this Couch to 5K outside in real life. 😉 I have big goals for September!! I think I’m the only dork that makes them….

I’m still on the job hunt but it’s not as bad there as it was. I enjoyed my monthly free massage the other day. 😉 That being said I genuinely feel like a mother hen with my direct coworkers. Yikes!! 🙄

I’m thinking I wanna start a weekly WW Wednesday with a weekly recipe that we tried and loved….what do you think? 😄

So I’m sitting on our deck with My Love, enjoying our Saturday off with Miss Bailey. Some good food, good football…GO BLUE!! Great music, no sweaty mess!!! YESSSS!!

The sun is going down a bit earlier but I’m not mad yet, yet…..

I’m doing a Daily Journal Challenge this month and it’s making me look within to be a better me. ☺️ Everyone needs to be aware of themselves. People are present but very absent. It’s sad but it’s just how it is now. Damn phones!!!  That being said… I’m putting my phone down to be with My Love!!! 😍😍😍😍

Goodnight y’all!!! 💜💜💜p

I wanna be here for you 💜


So I’ve been thinking about how to put what’s in my head here and do myself and others justice. I’m thinking about how I started this blog to get shit out of my head. I am a VERY unique person with a lot of things going for me. That being said I struggle a lot with a laundry list of things it seems sometimes BUT those things help me connect with my peeps. 

Do you have anxiety? I’m here for you.

Do you have Bipolar Disorder? I’m here for you. 

Do you have depression? I’m here for you.

Do you have migraines? I’m here for you. 

Are you overweight? I’m here for you. 

Are you gene positive for Huntington’s Disease? I’m here for you. 

Are you on disability? I’m here for you. 

Do you see what I’m saying? I’m here for you. 💜💜💜💜

So whether 1 person identifies with this or 1 million…..I’m here for you. Sometimes you just feel like you’re alone and you’re not. I’m here for you. 

I try to do the right thing all the time but you just can’t. I’m doing Weight Watchers to get me a bit lighter. 😉 I log all my food I get excercise in. Then you continue and be patient. I am NOT good at that part. I read an amazing book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. The cliff notes version is everyone operates on a baseline. The choices you make in your day either help you or hurt you. You order the salad your lines goes up positively. You order the quarter pounder with cheese your line goes into the negative. Over time your pluses take you sky high and your negatives take you into the ground. Bottom line is keep doing the positive stuff and you’ll get to your goals quicker than if you stray. I try to live by this. But we all stray, for we are human. But I’m here for you. We can’t do it all but we sure try ☺️💜

I love you all and I’m not kidding, I’m here for you. I’ll stay up with you, any time 💜

Monday fun day

I am just so blessed, I shall start with that. I have spent the past 5 days with My Love and my pup. I’m going back to work more rested than I was and happier than I was. I rested, I had fun and I’m better for it. We didn’t travel and spend a shit ton of money. We lunched, we grilled we chilled. We spent time with good friends….all is well. 

I should be on a conference call right now but it is ALWAYS recorded. I’m outside on my deck with tikis with My Love and his brother and our dogs. The call can wait an hour. 

Having the past days off has made me rekindle my passion for freedom from the 9-5 so to speak. I don’t want to have to rely on a check where I trade time for money. I want to build my fortune on the side ☺️ Oh Mela!!! I’m coming for you!! Step 1 build my network!! On it!
Any suggestions?

I’m back


Good afternoon peeps!!

So I’ve been away for a few days, it seems I’ve been fighting a round with life. I had that awful skin thing and now I’ve had a migraine for 2 weeks. I think I may have pissed someone off. 😁 I’ve been back and forth with my Primary Care docs a bunch. I’ve gotten a shot that tripled my pain. I’ve been to Urgent Care and had an IV of some migraine solution that helped at the time. Once that Bad Larry wore off I was back worse. I’ve been in to a rushed Neurologist consult. I’m on the fast track to get back with my Botox treatment that I KNOW works.

I’m feeling human again today and ready to face the world (with sunglasses, I still am super light sensitive). I’m out having lunch with My Love but still taking it easy. Between my regular meds and the extras now I’m a bit off for sure. My vision is fuzzy. It’ll all work out just fine, BUT I did not succeed at doing 31 in 31. 👎🏼

We are home from lunch and a little shopping. I feel like I ran or something. Pooped for sure!

Dinner at My Loves cousins. Should be pretty low key I hope. ☺️

Have a great night my peeps! ☺️

How is it 9:30 already?!


Happy Monday night! Looks like we made it through another Monday! 😊😊😊😊😊

I’m at a total loss at where my day went. I did accomplish a lot though. Fingers and toes done and a good long massage to make my damn headache go away. I now have my neck back, I’m a little taller and my heads better. ☺️

I’m much better heading into this week as opposed to the past few weeks, AMEN!! ☺️ Coming up tomorrow: day 1 of my free gym pass. Pilates 😧 yikes!!! Also I’ll have to go to that lovely place of employment, oh joy. 😉 

The bipolar roller coaster seems to be on an upslope!!  I got to FaceTime with the gorgeous lil ladies that call me Aunnie ☺️💜☺️💜 I just love them. Yes I was under the table with Brenna. ☺️

Okay peeps, go to bed, I’ll be back tomorrow. Goodnight!!!

It’s a gorgeous evening…..

I worked all day and now I get to enjoy the night. Some ambience with my guy and my pup. Tiki torches lit and some country music playing….oh and a cervesa.

I’m feeling a little better today THANK GOD!!!!  Thanks to My Love for getting some of the pain out of my neck and being patient while I’m not myself!!!

I was starving leaving work. Instead of hitting a drive thru I grabbed a roaster chicken from the grocery store and had some leftover cleaner potato salad. Happy kid here What’s up for the week people? I’m job hunting and hitting the gym hopefully if I get the week pass. Also I’d like to get my pup moving some more. I love how after a walk she plops out on the dining room floor all legs everywhere. 🐶🐾🐕 Silly girl!

See you tomorrow!!  

I don’t know how to make this blue highlighter go away 😧

Weekend oh weekend

Chillin oh Chillin ☺️

I’m trying to rest. How do you become rested? Chill out, I can do that but how does one have restful chill time? I don’t know but ill figure it  out. I’m just feeling so overwhelmed and I’m not sure how to shake it. I’m trying to relax. Im always busy. It’s annoying. I just wanna keep my bra off, yup I just went there. 😊

We took the princess pup to get all beautified. 💜😊 She’s too cute!! 💜 All shampooed, trimmed and cleaned up.  She’s so sweet she didn’t care at all. My sweet lil Bailey. Speaking of which she was trying to bury a hard boiled egg under some clothes in the bedroom. Little shit!! 🐶🐕🐾

I have to go to work for my long day tomorrow. Let’s leave it at I’m not impressed 😊 Once you accept that you hate your job, every second sucks ass!! 🙃

I’m looking for a new job like its a full time job. A free massage a month is a great perk but I just don’t like it there. On to the next right?! 😊😊😊

See you tomorrow!!! 💜😊💜