Am I coming back?

Good afternoon my gorgeous readers!!!

I’m feeling like a real person today!

So it’s been a while since I’ve felt good…but I’m feeling a bit better the past day and a half or so.  We pumped up one of the new prescriptions and it seems to be overriding my funk!!!  I’m not expecting a miracle back to 100% but I’ll happily take 80% over 10% that I’ve been at.

I love and I do a lot of networking and that’s how I find my groups….so I found one for BiPolar Disorder people.  I joined the group and they meet every Monday night…I’ve chickened out for the past 3 weeks. 😦  I get nervous.  I’ll try it again next week.

My Bailey is at her “day care” for another hour and a half.  That’s how I’m able to write chaos free!!  I also made appointments, ate…I’m having a quiet day.

My posts have been all blah blah blah and negativity but I wanted to share some good news!  I am coming back!  Little by little, bit by bit.  No more misery!!! Hopefully my optimism and happiness will stick!!!  Fingers crossed!


I’m working on getting better…

So…in Denver it’s snowing for the second day in a row.  Miss Bailey had her first snow experience yesterday.  SHE LOVED IT!!!  That’s great except it’s freezing and she keeps wanting to go out.  I like snow so I don’t mind going, but twice an hour is a bit excessive. 🙂  I still do not want to own a winter coat so my hoodies are workin it!

I’m back to “work” this week…well today is my first day.  Networking get togethers: meeting people, exchanging information…following up.  Building relationships and hopefully gaining their trust…tricky anyway, but especially if I’m not able to carry on a complete conversation, keep eye contact or my favorite…shaky rambling that is blatant over speak…even for me! 🙂

I’ve been feeling alone in my Bipolar world so since I have weight to lose anyway I got back on  As per usual I invite you to add me if you’re on there: chrissipenney is my name 🙂  I love the groups and one is a local Denver one and I’m hoping to get a workout buddy out of it.  Or at least a weekend puppy meet up…something!

I’ve been struggling to keep anything consistent…the only thing that’s consistent is my less than stellar attitude.  I spend hundreds of dollars a month to be able to keep my cool…why does it work sometimes and not others?  A lot of days lately I think I should go to boxing  so I can get my rage out…I don’t think they have it at my gyms.

I feel like I am just not me…and I’m WAY over it!  Truth is I’m much better…but not quite right at all…these extra meds haven’t kicked the bad out like they were supposed to so I shall try to continue to be patient…yeah right, I wanna be fixed like last month!!!

Day 2 of super clean eating!!  Go us!  I want sushi! Not yet….

Here’s a few Bailey’s first snow 🙂  Have a great week  my super fab readers!!!

photo 1 What is this stuff? SHE LOVES IT!!!!!