Kicking a$$ and winning the days

So it’s Saturday and we have hit it 3 days in a row with our Couch 2 5k workouts. He finished week 2 and I finished week 1. Historically I have tried Couch 2 5k several times before but have never made it past week 4. I am making it my mission to make it to the end!!!!! I will do it, no excuses!!! I’m glad to report that my recovery breathing has gotten a little better and I’m hoping this new addition to my body’s strength that I’ll be able to wiz through where I get stuck.
We have been having our Christmas since Wednesday 🙂
I have a bunch of things to improve upon in my life. I want to master meal plans and grocery shopping. I honestly want to figure out how much I save us by couponing. I sure do enjoy it!! I try to cook in bulk so when he’s at his full time job I won’t need to cook and he has healthy choices with him so fast food won’t be an option. Big batched things separate and store easily for quick meals to pack or heat up. I do love cold cuts too. Lettuce, tomato, cheese and meat on a deli flat… Yum!!!!!
I always get sad when its the start of his workweek. We have so much fun 🙂
I’m happy that we are getting back on track with our workouts. It’s nice to have a week head start over the New Years Resolution people.
I’m going to get two glass cylindrical vases and some colored marbles and label one Pounds To Lose and the other Pounds Lost. I think the visuals will help me to stay on track. That’s the plan anyway 😉

Sunday SUNDAY Sunday & my new year’s resolution

I totally kicked workout ass today!!!  I can’t help but wonder if it’s a great day or mania.  Damn mental health issues clouding my judgement!! Whatever it was that helped me have my best ever, THANKS!!

The holidays are upon us and it’s a time for family, friends and fun!  For me it means putting on a smile when I’d rather hide.  I’m an edge dweller.  You will NOT find me in the middle of a group, it freaks me out.  I’ll hang around the edge, like in a corner facing out so no one can be behind me.  Or on the outside of a doorway so my back isn’t to anyone.  Anyone else?

I’m still trying to find my blog niche.  I just like it to tell my story of wanting to get my body back, and my head straight.  Every day is a battle to keep my head above water it seems.  I have 40 lbs to lose and I want to be back to my hot weight!  I was on a medication a couple of years ago that made me gain 40 pounds over the winter.  I’ve never felt more self conscious as I do now.  Hell, even my fingers have gained weight.  I’m not comfortable in my skin, or my jeans…and THAT, my friends, is a big stinkin problem.  Yes I said a couple of years ago…why isn’t it gone yet?  I’m still on weight gaining medications and I try like hell to get workouts in but anyone who is bi-polar can attest to how it literally takes all of my being to get in a good workout.  I also suffer from debilitating migraines and I just can’t seem to get it all together in a good way for any more than a month at a time.  My vanity is suffering badly and it’s my own fault.  Beauty is within and I know that but being an Esthetician by trade, vanity IS my business.  I’m not able to get or hold a job due to migraines and mental health.  It’s tough on the ego for sure!

 I’m telling you my resolution for 2013: Be the best me I can be!!  Win the day, every day!  If I want to feel better I need to look better…and there is no good reason that I can’t straighten my hair and throw on a little makeup…sometimes that can make ALL the difference.  I’m going to fit a workout in when I can, but try every day so that if I have 5 good days in a row I won’t beat myself up over not working out 2 days if I feel sad.  I’ll be turning 35 in February and I’d like to have some amazing momentum of the fantastic fashion by then.

Holy Moley!!!

Wow is all I have to say for the last week…..Started off amazing ended miserably.  Headache started on Sunday and lasted until Friday.  WTH?!?!  There was varying intensities, vomit and a trip to the ER.  WHY you ask?!  If only I knew!!!  I have slept, ALOT!  I was miserable, ALOT.  I even cried twice.  On the up side TOMMY IS THE BOMB DOT COM!!!!!!!!  He took care of me like a rockstar!!

My bipolar disorder has been pretty well behaved while my head was out of control.  YAY!!!

Sidenote:  I’m doing a ween off ibuprofen.  So I’m taking 3 3X a day for 3 days as my first leg of the cycle.

Also I have not been working out but I am today.  I’m starting Couch 2 5K AGAIN.  I’ve done it 2 or 3 times now and I haven’t gotten past week 4 yet.  I will this time because I want to be able to just “go for a run”.  It sounds like it’d be so therapeutic and a good way to burn some calories.

It’s Christmas weekend and I’ll be on my own, as my love will be working 😦  I missed my little blog world.  I’m back!


Winning the Weekend!

Yesterday was a great day but I didn’t do too much that my future self would thank me for.  I DID do something that my boyfriend thanked me for and that’s acceptable to me to Win the Day.  I was his co-pilot for his work day.  We had a nice lunch and a couple of drinks to end the day.

Today we are for sure Winning the Day together!  We woke up and worked out together, then we’ve been cooking up a storm all day: pulled pork in the crock pot all day, pizzas and some lighter chocolate muffins.  Next up is a couple of movies after the Michigan basketball game, GO BLUE!!  I’ve had a couple of great days for sure!!!

Mixed bag today…

So I DID do a workout that my future self will thank me for but it’s kind of like cheating if I’m in the middle of a manic episode….I PR’d on my workout, again I feel like it’s cheating.  I’m happy…Dr. would say “too happy” but I like the mania…I just know it to be temporary and I’ll be bumming hardcore once the “up” goes back “down”.  I’m an upbeat friendly person by nature and I definitely feel more like “ME” when I’m up…I just have to watch it.  As long as I’m getting my rest I should be fine 🙂

     I have a bit more Christmas shopping to do…I should get to it since I’ll have to ship it all.  That’s definitely a down part to living far away.  I make sure to have my sister’s family’s stuff shipped there…I feel bad though because she has to wrap it 🙂  Nah I don’t REALLY feel that bad 🙂  I actually have things that I’ve asked for.  Not generally my style to ask for things but people ask, so I’ll tell.  

     I wonder if people besides my sister and my boyfriend will ever read this.  I do it mainly for me, to get to put some thoughts down.  I’m a chicken, that’s why I haven’t linked it to my real life.  This is pretty personal stuff…I feel like it’s safe because I’m not in an actual picture.  Someday I could change my mind but not yet.

     My boyfriend and I try to eat clean as much as possible.  Tonight I’m making dinner while’s he’s out working.  We’re having Paleo Diet Lifestyle’s Paleo Meatloaf with mushrooms and baked potatoes (not paleo).

It’s going to be YUMMY!!!  I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

Not winning

So I didn’t win the day today…or yesterday….I have been sidelined with insanely awful migraines for the past couple days.  I’m feeling like I have to fight to stay above the sad and above the pain.  I’m not sure how though.  I was trying to get a workout in the other day because I felt the sad coming…so I figured I’ll smother it with a good workout and some good endorphins…only since then I’ve been buried with stinkin pain.  I will conquer it…I am conquering it.   Tomorrow I will bury it with endorphins, today I will baby it with pain meds and AdvoCare products (Rehydrate & O2Gold)       🙂 

Have mercy on me…I’m new at this

So this is my first attempt at a blog.  I’m not entirely sure what my niche is but I know that I have a billion thoughts and I’d like to write a few down.  

A bit about me: I’m in love 🙂  I have an amazing man who is by my side through thick and thin.  I’m a sister and my younger sister lives 2000 miles away with my niece (one of them) and I love them to pieces!!!  I’m a daughter, and my Mom is fantastic!!!  She also lives 2000 miles away.  My Dad is 2000 miles away as well and is ill.  

I live in Colorado but it hasn’t always been that way.  I’m from Boston (Saugus actually) and I miss the ocean and the food, seafood and Italian to be specific.  Although there is something awe inspiring about the mountains!

I’m a good person with a caring heart.  I have some hurdles to jump to get to my “happy place”:  I’m looking to do a body transformation, my medications have made me gain 40 lbs and I need to get them off.  Seems simple, just watch what I eat and workout hard; not quite. I wake up every morning wanting to kick ass and take names, BUT I have Bi-polar Disorder so every day is a new experience and not always in a good way.  I also battle migraines which is another annoyance.  

Sooooo, I’m hoping to write my blog and try to keep myself accountable and to try every day to Win The Day!  I want to do something every day that my future self will thank me for.  That’s why I write…to win the day