Hump Day Wednesday

Good afternoon my faithful followers!!!

I’m so excited to report that my blog will be changing it up soon!  I want to grow into a big girl blog instead of a wanna be blogger.😃 I’m working with a WordPress guru who’s helping me to improve it all 😃 YAY!!

My Love and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this weekend!!! We will be headed to Oklahoma to see David Nail again 😃 It’s going to be great to just take a time out for a couple days.


It has been a terrible terrible week. We have had a tragic loss in our family.  It’s been a shell shock feeling all week long.  I will miss you always cousin.  I’ll miss your hugs for sure!  Mental health issues are no joke.  You all know what I share about my struggles and that’s only the tip of the ice berg as they say.  My cousin had some demons inside and is now free on the other side.  Love you cousin!!! 💜

Weight Watchers is still going well.  I hadn’t been eating enough so I only lost .2 lb.  I’m hoping for more this week.

I’m hoping to get week 2 done for Couch 2 5K. I kind of enjoy it.  I want to be able to run with Bailey 😃 At this point it’s all a far off dream 😃

I hope you all have a great rest of your week as well as your weekend!! Until next time….

Chrissi 💜💜

As usual a few random pics of my week 😃

Bailey in a cone, a chewed up cone

A trip to Penzeys Spice Shop

Iced coffee at work

While getting the pictures for the collage, a gem of my Dad and Grampy 💜

We are trying to do some budgeting to see where we can tighten the wallet straps 💜

See you next time 💜


Good afternoon!!!

I know, I know it’s Monday blah blah…


I was cursed for about a month of Monday’s but I’m over it!  I have my workweek staring me in the face…oh NOOOO!!  Yeah right, I’m so very fortunate to have a fun job.  I love the ladies!!  We do have fun while getting work done.  They are quite talented and all of the clients leave happy.

Also I’m still on my Weight Watchers high from Thursday since I lost 4.4 pounds!  We are eating super super clean so I have no eaters regret from the weekend 🙂

We did a bunch of shopping for proteins, fruit and veggies.  All clean eating supplies.  If you don’t buy crap you wont eat crap.  Sometimes it is just that easy, others I’ll get whiplash from running to the phone for delivery.  I’ll take this as a win 🙂 🙂  All prepped for the week!!!  WIN!!

My Bipolar nonsense has been behaving for the most part.  I had to add more meds which is maddening!!!  People aren’t supposed to do this.  I HATE having Bipolar Disorder.  I sleep too much, I gain too much, I have a special schedule that I can’t mess with.  I feel guilty, I feel inadequate, I feel like I’m high maintenance.  I look like I’m mad, but that is the Botox for my migraines and the zone that my meds have me in a little.  Oh boy!!!

Bonuses to being Bipolar: I’m more understanding of others.  I feel everything so much.  I sleep a lot (sometimes it’s a win).  Yeah that’s it 😉

So today I have attached some randoms from the week 🙂

This is what I wanna get back to.

This is what I wanna get back to.

Come on...I need this! Bad ass!!

Come on…I need this!
Bad ass!!

This is our favorite chicken recipe.  Jalapeno dijon thighs!

This is our favorite chicken recipe. Jalapeno dijon thighs!

This just resonated with me...good words for a Monday :)

This just resonated with me…good words for a Monday 🙂

Poor poor baby girl had to get spayed last week.   Poor Bailey!! <3 <3 <3

Poor poor baby girl had to get spayed last week. Poor Bailey!!

Well I’m home with my fur face…it’s been real

So my quickie trip to Boston did not go as planned…that’s putting it mildly.  Let’s start at the beginning.

I drove myself to the airport so that Id have my car when I got home since My Love was not going to be with me.  He’s on a road trip to a convention he was going to out of state.  My fur face was staying at her favorite 2nd home Bark at the World .  My Mom had told me that my Grandfather was in the hospital with pneumonia.  I honestly didn’t think too much of it…..that was my mistake.

I get to my Mom’s and my sister is there with my nieces, my Mom and an aunt or two…kind of odd for a Thursday.  It was said that we needed to go see Pop.  I seem to forget that he and my Gram are 81.  They don’t bounce back like they used to.  Pop was in a BAD BAD way.  It absolutely rocked me to my core…he can’t go yet.  We’ve been very very spoiled just to have them as grand parents for the past 37 years.  Although they’re only “grandparents” they have been so so so much more to Sister and me.  We lived with them for 8 plus years.  The best years growing up.  I have my best childhood memories with them.  My mom worked her butt off all the time and took night classes until she graduated from college.  Pop took early retirement at 55, we were always with them.  Camping every weekend all summer long and a week in the summer, a trip to Disney.  So many of my best memories are living on Eustis St at the end of a dead end having fun for years…..

My grandfather is the main guy of the house…My Dad wasn’t in the house.  Pop was.  Sister and I learned things that are no longer taught.  Respect, honor, love, all the good stuff that matters in life.  You get your butt up if you’re sitting in Pop’s seat.  From Gram I got “You never feel bad for doing the right thing.”  They’re great great people and I’m a better person to have learned life lessons from them directly.

Great news: Pop’s doing MUCH MUCH better.  I did extend my trip for a couple days.  I just couldn’t leave…not like he was.  I broke a few speed limits getting to my Bailey last night.  She’s been sleeping ever since.

I had a TERRIBLE weigh in today.  I had to pay for all of the bad things I ate all week.  I now know that that sucks so I won’t do it again this week.  I’m starting couch to 5 K either tonight or tomorrow 🙂

Here’s some random pics of my past week!!!!  Egg hunt, coloring eggs, Bailey pics, beer and the best gift I’ve ever gotten: I love you to the moon and back bracelet from My Peanut ❤

IMG_1987 IMG_1968 IMG_1961 IMG_1956 IMG_1962 IMG_1964 IMG_1986 IMG_1995