So this is where I tell it like it is: Who I am, where I am and what I am.

I’m a Boston native who currently resides in Colorado.  I’m a handful and I know it.  I’m guilty of random shenanigans and silly things.  I believe in gratitude always!!!  I think I’m a dreamer with a bit of footing in reality.  I love to have fun as often as possible.

I’m in love…real, honest and true love.  It excites me every morning to get to have My Love there with me.  I am LUCKY for sure!!!  I intend to be with My Love forever!  Other loves in my life are my family:  Blood relatives or not, my family is my heart.  Some of the best family I have, I chose.  I’m lucky…VERY lucky!!

I tell it like it is and give up too much of myself.   I talk of things that are real and personal and not always sunshine and rainbows; but that’s me.  Silly when I can, real when I can’t…..that’s me.

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