It would appear that I took the summer off…..

But I’m back!! Stay tuned! A couple of my manis from the past couple weeks 💅🏼 I’m still loving the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes. 

I miss the accountability that writing gives me. So I’m going to fine tune my blog whilst learning more of the tech side. Make it all pretty and stuff. 😁💜

 Happy Sunday!!

Relaxation on the home front…liking it!

Happy Hump Day!

I’m having a Bailey free day.  That is how I’m able to actually get a post done. 🙂

I love her to pieces but she’s requiring a ton of attention that really needs to be spent getting things accomplished. So My Love being the awesome and amazing man that he is, offered to get Bailey into daycare one day a week.  This is amazing because now I can do my calls, maybe vacuum since she hates it, my opportunities are endless!  Also she LOVES Nancy and Mike at Bark at the World Petsitting.  That’s where she was for the week we went to Boston.  We saw her in pictures on Facebook already LOVING IT!!!

I have been in a rough patch with my lovely BPD.  It’s been flip flopping for almost 2 months now.  We had to add a couple of prescriptions until it breaks.  More prescriptions means more side effects…yippee dee do da…my ass.  I just feel so frustrated…Adding in new meds makes me feel like a puppet until it levels out.  Down in the dumps one day, flying high the next…it’s like playing the lottery.

Last week we went for a family road trip: My Love had some work to do in Durango, CO.  I decided to tag along with the pup.  Damn, it was GORGEOUS!  San Juan National Park is a bucket list type of gorgeous with the foliage and mountain views…man oh man…The Aspen trees, the pine trees, great view…and it just goes on forever!

I’ve been banned from networking since my filter is nonexistent and I’m in over talk overdrive.  It’s for the best. 🙂 So I’m relaxing, and watching Ellen in 2 minutes!!!

Puppy on the bed...nailed it! Bailey strikes!!! Gorgeous Aspen trees

I need a real camera to do that justice!

I need a real camera to do that justice!

Soooo magnificent Monday was a travel day…HERE I AM!

Happy Tuesday!!!  

I was thinking of you all yesterday as I made my way home to the Mile High City 🙂

Boston was amazing to me as usual!!  My Love made it there for the big party weekend!!!!!

My Peanut was the best birthday girl!!!  She loves the attention 🙂  She lovessss me!!!  We had so much fun this past week!  We were silly, we played, we snuggled, she slept with me for a birthday sleepover.  I ATE IT UP!!!  I love that she loves me so much 🙂  I will do anything in my power to keep it like this forever!! (I know it won’t always be this awesome, she will eventually grow up and be too cool for me)

I had my longed for cheats: a banana split, really really good Italian, and as much seafood as we could!!  Now I’m back on track tomorrow.  Today we rest.  

Do my bipolar friends have trouble with jet lag?  I’ve been finding that I’m cycling up and down more frequently and I have more trouble adjusting.  I wasn’t too up or down but I did have a couple of zombie days.  I rallied though!!!  All the more reason to have a day of rest, no guilt.

I had a travel headache but it was GONE by Wednesday morning!  Thank you Denver Neurological for your Botox miracle!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!

So what do you all have for your goals this week?  I’m planning on 5 calls a day for my business.  I have 1 guest for my Friday ladies lunch already and I’m hoping to add at least a second one.  I will do 30 minutes at least of an audio book, because they need to get out of my phone. 🙂  I’m also going to do 30 minutes of physical book reading since I have at least 2 books going right now.  In addition to this I’m going to add a second blog post for the week.  2 posts a week!!  Do you want a recipe?  A book recommendation?  Pictures?  Some healthy hints…please comment under the post!!  I’m here for you to come on my crazy journey of healthy living and Winning the Day every day!  

Some cheats, a hawk in the garden and Birthday Party Bonfire with beers and great people!!!

July trip to New England….HUGE WIN for the week!

My Mom, Peanut and I had ice cream!!

My Mom, Peanut and I had ice cream!!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


Juicing a jalapeno can be hazardous to your health

I’m not kidding…you need a mask and to hold your breath.  We learned that the hard way 🙂  OH and the juices after the jalapeno ones…still spicy…learned that one the hard way too.

Live and learn right?  We’ve been juicing for a few days now and it’s getting a little easier now that we’re in it.  At first it’s overwhelming, there’s so many choices and you want what’s best for the body and brain.  That may not taste so great.  Luckily we’re liking all of the juices so far and they’re not so much of a pain as I initially feared it would be.  Now that we’re more in the flow, it’s all good!  Yummy juices, healthy bodies and brains!  20oz mason jars and a Jack LaLane…Sprouts has been my 2nd home (produce market) this week.  They love me 🙂

I went for my evening walk around my gorgeous mountain neighborhood to cap off my night. My Love is at his casino job overnight so I’m alone with my green juice, the TV and a MacBookPro 🙂 

I’m hoping to keep my head in the game with healthy eating, juicing and fitness.  Do any of you have go to motivation boosters?  I’d love to hear them!! 🙂  I look at my fitness inspiration board on Pinterest.  Also I try talking to My Love and he’s usually a good influence 😉

Winning the Day on Date Day

So we’re currently watching Iron Man 2, I’m clearly not paying attention but I had to get in a post. Today was Date Day. The no work day (blogging doesn’t count, it’s fun). We had such a perfect day except that My Love is sick. He, as usual, is a Rockstar about it.
Since we can’t walk the beach we hit up a lake down the street from us. The weather was phenomenal!!!!! So sunny, warm but not hot, cool but certainly not cold. Perfect!!!
We walked the entire lake, just shy of 1.5 miles. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my daily walking spot 🙂
Naturally after a walk we needed to refuel with Frozen yogurt 😉
Such an amazing day. I’m feeling so very blessed. The universe is shining down on me! THANK YOU!!!