It would appear that I took the summer off…..

But I’m back!! Stay tuned! A couple of my manis from the past couple weeks 💅🏼 I’m still loving the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes. 

I miss the accountability that writing gives me. So I’m going to fine tune my blog whilst learning more of the tech side. Make it all pretty and stuff. 😁💜

 Happy Sunday!!

Well I’m home with my fur face…it’s been real

So my quickie trip to Boston did not go as planned…that’s putting it mildly.  Let’s start at the beginning.

I drove myself to the airport so that Id have my car when I got home since My Love was not going to be with me.  He’s on a road trip to a convention he was going to out of state.  My fur face was staying at her favorite 2nd home Bark at the World .  My Mom had told me that my Grandfather was in the hospital with pneumonia.  I honestly didn’t think too much of it…..that was my mistake.

I get to my Mom’s and my sister is there with my nieces, my Mom and an aunt or two…kind of odd for a Thursday.  It was said that we needed to go see Pop.  I seem to forget that he and my Gram are 81.  They don’t bounce back like they used to.  Pop was in a BAD BAD way.  It absolutely rocked me to my core…he can’t go yet.  We’ve been very very spoiled just to have them as grand parents for the past 37 years.  Although they’re only “grandparents” they have been so so so much more to Sister and me.  We lived with them for 8 plus years.  The best years growing up.  I have my best childhood memories with them.  My mom worked her butt off all the time and took night classes until she graduated from college.  Pop took early retirement at 55, we were always with them.  Camping every weekend all summer long and a week in the summer, a trip to Disney.  So many of my best memories are living on Eustis St at the end of a dead end having fun for years…..

My grandfather is the main guy of the house…My Dad wasn’t in the house.  Pop was.  Sister and I learned things that are no longer taught.  Respect, honor, love, all the good stuff that matters in life.  You get your butt up if you’re sitting in Pop’s seat.  From Gram I got “You never feel bad for doing the right thing.”  They’re great great people and I’m a better person to have learned life lessons from them directly.

Great news: Pop’s doing MUCH MUCH better.  I did extend my trip for a couple days.  I just couldn’t leave…not like he was.  I broke a few speed limits getting to my Bailey last night.  She’s been sleeping ever since.

I had a TERRIBLE weigh in today.  I had to pay for all of the bad things I ate all week.  I now know that that sucks so I won’t do it again this week.  I’m starting couch to 5 K either tonight or tomorrow 🙂

Here’s some random pics of my past week!!!!  Egg hunt, coloring eggs, Bailey pics, beer and the best gift I’ve ever gotten: I love you to the moon and back bracelet from My Peanut ❤

IMG_1987 IMG_1968 IMG_1961 IMG_1956 IMG_1962 IMG_1964 IMG_1986 IMG_1995

Soooo magnificent Monday was a travel day…HERE I AM!

Happy Tuesday!!!  

I was thinking of you all yesterday as I made my way home to the Mile High City 🙂

Boston was amazing to me as usual!!  My Love made it there for the big party weekend!!!!!

My Peanut was the best birthday girl!!!  She loves the attention 🙂  She lovessss me!!!  We had so much fun this past week!  We were silly, we played, we snuggled, she slept with me for a birthday sleepover.  I ATE IT UP!!!  I love that she loves me so much 🙂  I will do anything in my power to keep it like this forever!! (I know it won’t always be this awesome, she will eventually grow up and be too cool for me)

I had my longed for cheats: a banana split, really really good Italian, and as much seafood as we could!!  Now I’m back on track tomorrow.  Today we rest.  

Do my bipolar friends have trouble with jet lag?  I’ve been finding that I’m cycling up and down more frequently and I have more trouble adjusting.  I wasn’t too up or down but I did have a couple of zombie days.  I rallied though!!!  All the more reason to have a day of rest, no guilt.

I had a travel headache but it was GONE by Wednesday morning!  Thank you Denver Neurological for your Botox miracle!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!

So what do you all have for your goals this week?  I’m planning on 5 calls a day for my business.  I have 1 guest for my Friday ladies lunch already and I’m hoping to add at least a second one.  I will do 30 minutes at least of an audio book, because they need to get out of my phone. 🙂  I’m also going to do 30 minutes of physical book reading since I have at least 2 books going right now.  In addition to this I’m going to add a second blog post for the week.  2 posts a week!!  Do you want a recipe?  A book recommendation?  Pictures?  Some healthy hints…please comment under the post!!  I’m here for you to come on my crazy journey of healthy living and Winning the Day every day!  

Some cheats, a hawk in the garden and Birthday Party Bonfire with beers and great people!!!

July trip to New England….HUGE WIN for the week!

My Mom, Peanut and I had ice cream!!

My Mom, Peanut and I had ice cream!!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


So many exciting things going on!!!

I’m so sorry I have been an absent blogger!  I have no excuse…BUT I’m back!  

We kind of took a week off…for a trip to Michigan for My Love’s niece’s 7th birthday!!  She is, as usual, adorable, super smart, and creative!!  We had a fantastic time with My Love’s family…we were all there 🙂 It doesn’t get to happen often so he soaks up every minute! While we were in Michigan My Love and I went to the Red Sox vs. Tigers game with his brother and his girlfriend.  We had so much fun, although my Red Sox didn’t win 😦  Sidenote:  I’ve NEVER seen so many mosquitos in my life!!!

I have branched out into a business with a solid background!  All non-toxic super effective products!  I’m really excited!!  I’m seeing reorders already!!  Whoop whoop!! I’m feeling better without the chemicals in the house.  I honestly had no idea of how toxic most products are.  The products honestly work better than the toxic ones!  Who knew I’d turn into a tree hugger? 😉  ha ha

We are eating clean and logging in My Fitness Pal.  Are you on there?  Add me: chrissipenney  We slipped a bit in Michigan…it’s an easy thing to forget when you take a step out of your home schedule and are on the go go go.  My Love is headed away on business this week.  I will miss him but business is booming!!!  It’s so great to be working for your own benefit; not someone else’s benefit.

I’m trying to figure out how to get social media buttons on my blog…I’m a little bit, how shall I say it, technologically challenged 😉  I’ll figure it out…unless you want to help me?

I’m coming out from chicken self..I’ll be promoting my blog from now on!!!  I’m hoping for accountability from my faithful readers!!!  I’m trying to learn consistency…It’s like the book The Slight Edge.  If it’s easy to do, it’s easy not to do…I MUST read this again!!  Do you know it?

Are you on a journey of some sort?  I’d love to follow you!  My plan is to share my journey as a healthy living lady trying to find my healthy, happy weight,  I have some health challenges so my journey is a bit strained.  I workout when I feel good and I rest when I’m not.  I shouldn’t push it too far, my doctors remind me that what goes up must come down and that every action has a reaction. (A little pushing it doesn’t hurt though)

So…it’s a beautiful September afternoon here in the Mile High City

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

I’ve been working hard at everything lately, even though I’ve been sick for a week!  I’ve been eating healthy and keeping my food journal, as well as doing some meal prep.  I’ve been getting in my workouts, not as many as I would ideally like but I’m getting there.  I’ve been making appointments and using my upline.  I’ve been doing my reading and staying accountable.  I’m looking to keep my eye on the prize…My Love getting out of the dreaded casino.

We went to the Red Sox game last week, although here it would’ve been called the Rockies game 🙂  It was awesome!!  THEY WON!!!  We haven’t been to a game all year, it was the last home game of the season.  We went just in time!  Luckily we’ve been to 2 Red Sox games this year.  One in Boston, one in Denver.  We’re cool like that 🙂

I’m not looking at the scale yet, I hate that thing.  I will say that my face looks a TINY bit thinner.  I think I got sick as I got the nasties out of me 🙂  I feel much better now!  I’m going to to back the the actual gym Wednesday.  I go to 24 Hour Fitness and they’ve remodelled.  I’m looking forward to seeing it.  I’m going to do weight training in with my cardio, I’m so excited!!!  I’ve missed it!   

We have a date day this week!!!  I love date day with My Love!  I’m hoping to take some pictures, for you and my Instagram.  I’m liking IG.  Do you all have IG accounts?  May I follow you?

Leave me a comment so I know you were here!!!  I’ll follow you back!

Day 1 of Winning the Day!

I’m sorry I’ve left all 20 of you hanging for a couple of weeks.  I was a slacker and a vacationer but I’m back and I’m sticking around!  

My Love and I have joined forces and are going to use our awesome-ness for good!  When we’re good we’re really good but when we’re bad we’re really bad.  We had let ourselves go with poor eating choices and missing workouts more than actually doing workouts.  So, that being said we have taken action!

Today was day 1 of our new awesome selves: We started on a 10 day Advocare Herbal Cleanse.  Also we worked out and I stocked us up on veggies and fruits and clean proteins.  We have all of the ingredients for our favorite juice to incorporate into our clean eating 🙂 (I just realized that this is, in fact, a lie.  I forgot the apples)  We have a LOT of work to do, but I’m confident that together we can keep ourselves on track and accountable.

In other news there is just under 19 weeks until My Love gives his notice…well that’s what we’re hoping!  Head down and stay focused, in ALL aspects!  I’m going to have to do some serious serious growing and prospecting with our vacation club to get some cash coming in.  Challenge accepted!!  If I’m not part of the solution, I’m part of the problem…’s as simple as that.  Time to step up and grow the business!!  It’s going to be a challenging road but I’m up to it.  Hopefully my poor health will be in the background and stay there.  I’ll be too busy kicking ass anyway 🙂

On Tuesday I got back from my trip to New England.  I saw lots of family and friends.  It made me thankful for air travel.  I get to live in paradise here in CO and still go and be with my peeps! Win on both fronts.  I love my family and I love Facebook, it’s the best of both worlds…EXCEPT for the super good, close people.  Those can’t be satisfied without some air travel.  I took some pictures of the garden goodness that’s at my parents house.  Too bad they weren’t quite ready for me to enjoy 😦  I’m going to try to add them, not quite sure about the process though.  

Have a great night or morning!!  We will chat soon!


I’m a slacker

No this is not intended to brag, because it’s awful!  I’m all pleased with myself for going out and walking a couple of miles today.  I got into a Challenge group…well maybe not so much of a challenge as an accountability group for the next 30 days.  At least 4 times a week to get out and walk 30 minutes.  I actually had already done mine just on a whim…weird, but cool.  We have to log it on My Fitness Pal…which I had already done…cool!  So I’ll get up and out, get some Vitamin D…in this gorgeous CO weather…um YEA!!!

Anyway…I’m making the pages turn in The Secret again…and I LOVE it every time!!!

I don’t really have any cool stuff to report but I want to stay in the habit of writing frequently.  I want to have you along on my journey to my best self.  I have a goal weight in mind but I have poor stick and stay when it comes to healthy eating and working out.  That’s part of the reason I got into the challenge.  A nice walk in the morning will get my day off right.  Also I’m trying to stay accountable with my food choices.  So the My Fitness Pal thing will be helpful.  I want to stay accountable on all fronts…business, pleasure, fitness and diet.  As long as my health holds up I’ll be GOLDEN!  If not, my accountability to my readers will give me a little kick in the pants 🙂  So if you’re on My Fitness Pal, let me know, we can be friends 🙂

Well kids, it’s time for my beauty sleep!!  Until next time….