It would appear that I took the summer off…..

But I’m back!! Stay tuned! A couple of my manis from the past couple weeks 💅🏼 I’m still loving the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes. 

I miss the accountability that writing gives me. So I’m going to fine tune my blog whilst learning more of the tech side. Make it all pretty and stuff. 😁💜

 Happy Sunday!!


Relaxation on the home front…liking it!

Happy Hump Day!

I’m having a Bailey free day.  That is how I’m able to actually get a post done. 🙂

I love her to pieces but she’s requiring a ton of attention that really needs to be spent getting things accomplished. So My Love being the awesome and amazing man that he is, offered to get Bailey into daycare one day a week.  This is amazing because now I can do my calls, maybe vacuum since she hates it, my opportunities are endless!  Also she LOVES Nancy and Mike at Bark at the World Petsitting.  That’s where she was for the week we went to Boston.  We saw her in pictures on Facebook already LOVING IT!!!

I have been in a rough patch with my lovely BPD.  It’s been flip flopping for almost 2 months now.  We had to add a couple of prescriptions until it breaks.  More prescriptions means more side effects…yippee dee do da…my ass.  I just feel so frustrated…Adding in new meds makes me feel like a puppet until it levels out.  Down in the dumps one day, flying high the next…it’s like playing the lottery.

Last week we went for a family road trip: My Love had some work to do in Durango, CO.  I decided to tag along with the pup.  Damn, it was GORGEOUS!  San Juan National Park is a bucket list type of gorgeous with the foliage and mountain views…man oh man…The Aspen trees, the pine trees, great view…and it just goes on forever!

I’ve been banned from networking since my filter is nonexistent and I’m in over talk overdrive.  It’s for the best. 🙂 So I’m relaxing, and watching Ellen in 2 minutes!!!

Puppy on the bed...nailed it! Bailey strikes!!! Gorgeous Aspen trees

I need a real camera to do that justice!

I need a real camera to do that justice!

I’m mustering up all the Rah Rah Rah I can right now

So it is Monday again, so it’s a new post day. We did just get finished with our workout which happened to be my first one in a week…yeah, go Me, right? That’s nonsense but I’ve been super blah all this past week. My case of the Mondays lasted pretty much all week. Today I made the effort to go to the fitness room to get that first one done…in hopes of walking away my funk. I was hoping to come back with some really optimistic, let’s kill this month, all sorts goals and plans…yeah that didn’t really happen so I’m going to make it happen on the fly and Win this Day!

Okay so I have giant goals that I want to accomplish this month. I DO have my heart set on a scale number for this month. I know that I shouldn’t but I am…I need to!! I’m of course not going to share that. It’s roughly 6 pounds for the month which I SHOULD be able to do. We have a wedding to go to and I want to feel good with my accomplishments in my jeans and on the scale.

I also want to make Director this month with my super awesome company! 🙂 It’s the start of great things! It’ll be another accomplishment for the month. If I do more that’s okay too 😉

So I chopped off all of my hair! There it is :)

So I chopped off all of my hair! There it is 🙂

So this happened last Friday 🙂 I now have a sassy, short cut 🙂 I only have a dorky pic that I took for my Mom, Sister and Bestie so you can’t see that.

We tried a sushi place in our city that a friend suggested...holy #yum

We tried a sushi place in our city that a friend suggested…holy #yum

Finally we go to get some sushi at Okinawa Sushi in Littleton Colorado!! It always feels like forever in between sushi feasts…I just can’t get enough!!! It was absolutely delicious!!! Happy hour beers and no cocktail list kept our bill WAY down. Our favorite sushi place in downtown Denver has a very enticing cocktail list. So I’m in for a small bill and no paying for parking. We will be returning FOR SURE!!!

My gorgeous older niece made me these bookmarks so I can read more.

My gorgeous older niece made me these bookmarks so I can read more.

Now I can read more 🙂

I’m so happy for September being here…I love it in the fall! Perfect weather, a slight chill…oh my favorite!!! I wish for all of you to have a fantastic week! Eat clean, workout and keep healthy!! See you Monday!

Soooo magnificent Monday was a travel day…HERE I AM!

Happy Tuesday!!!  

I was thinking of you all yesterday as I made my way home to the Mile High City 🙂

Boston was amazing to me as usual!!  My Love made it there for the big party weekend!!!!!

My Peanut was the best birthday girl!!!  She loves the attention 🙂  She lovessss me!!!  We had so much fun this past week!  We were silly, we played, we snuggled, she slept with me for a birthday sleepover.  I ATE IT UP!!!  I love that she loves me so much 🙂  I will do anything in my power to keep it like this forever!! (I know it won’t always be this awesome, she will eventually grow up and be too cool for me)

I had my longed for cheats: a banana split, really really good Italian, and as much seafood as we could!!  Now I’m back on track tomorrow.  Today we rest.  

Do my bipolar friends have trouble with jet lag?  I’ve been finding that I’m cycling up and down more frequently and I have more trouble adjusting.  I wasn’t too up or down but I did have a couple of zombie days.  I rallied though!!!  All the more reason to have a day of rest, no guilt.

I had a travel headache but it was GONE by Wednesday morning!  Thank you Denver Neurological for your Botox miracle!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!

So what do you all have for your goals this week?  I’m planning on 5 calls a day for my business.  I have 1 guest for my Friday ladies lunch already and I’m hoping to add at least a second one.  I will do 30 minutes at least of an audio book, because they need to get out of my phone. 🙂  I’m also going to do 30 minutes of physical book reading since I have at least 2 books going right now.  In addition to this I’m going to add a second blog post for the week.  2 posts a week!!  Do you want a recipe?  A book recommendation?  Pictures?  Some healthy hints…please comment under the post!!  I’m here for you to come on my crazy journey of healthy living and Winning the Day every day!  

Some cheats, a hawk in the garden and Birthday Party Bonfire with beers and great people!!!

July trip to New England….HUGE WIN for the week!

My Mom, Peanut and I had ice cream!!

My Mom, Peanut and I had ice cream!!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


At our house we’re big with “some and some”…that’s what here today!

It’s Thursday…and I’m in Colorado…it’s GORGEOUS OUT!!!  Another beautiful day in the neighbor hood!!  I’m a BIG lover of spring, but who isn’t?  

This past weekend we went on a trip to Durango, CO.  It was so gorgeous there!  There was a Taste of Durango celebration and it was super fun!!  I was there as My Love’s co pilot 🙂  We drove down from where we live and it was a 6 hour drive, but oh my was it gorgeous! Colorado is just breath taking!  Don’t get me wrong I miss the beach badly but the mountains and the weather soften the blow.  ImageImageImage

Today things got pretty scary for a little bit.  There was a giant storm headed my way, and the tornado warning was all overt he tv.  It even got to the emergency siren was going for probably 15 minutes.  I’ve never heard that before.  I come from the land of the Nor Easter and hurricanes.  Naturally I was home alone…but I’m tough!  It actually passed before I could actually get legitimately scared.  After that there was some serious thunder, lightning and rain.  It’s always gorgeous in Colorado where I am and it would figure that once it rains, it RAINS in inches.  There was some crazy weather, that’s for cure!!!  

We’ve been eating clean and working out for 37 days now!!  We make time for working out, and we’re trying to skip grains and dairy as often as possible.  We aren’t being freaks about it though.  We have some here and there but it weighs us down so we’re not doing it for the most part.  A beer or 2 here or there is okay, but not a 6 pack a night.  We’re seeing results a little bit here and there, so we’re still hitting workouts to keep the momentum going.  Today I had a doctor’s appointment and I’m in perfect health!!  My doctor asked if I wanted to schedule a follow up…just to come and say hi because he isn’t actually needed by me for anything 🙂  GO ME!!!

FIT@40 here I come!

Chicken breast and salad for dinner, a reliable dinner 🙂  Pretty simple but it’s healthy and clean!  I’m doing a balanced meal replacement shake with unsweetened almond milk.  Usually after the gym I’ll stick with my standby of strawberry banana smoothie with vanilla protein and coconut water.  YUMMMM!!!!  It’s an easy way to keep it clean and not have to think too much about cooking all the time.  

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!  Why complicate something?  It’s a set up for success!

We go to Michigan next week!!  Time for My Love’s niece’s 7th birthday!!!  I can’t wait to see everyone!  They really are family to me, and I couldn’t be a luckier lady to have them!  We’re going to get a week pass to the gym.  It’s one of those 24 hour ones that everyone has a key to.  Strange concept to me…we shall see.  We need to keep the great momentum going!  Healthy living is a life time commitment and we’re working on it!  We are being great support for each other, not that it surprises me.  Being proud of yourself and your Love is great for both of us!

I’m trying to build a reader base so please leave me a comment with a hint for me on how you build your blog.   Let me know who you are so I can read your blog!  Thanks for reading!  I hope to hear from you soon!  

I’m a slacker

No this is not intended to brag, because it’s awful!  I’m all pleased with myself for going out and walking a couple of miles today.  I got into a Challenge group…well maybe not so much of a challenge as an accountability group for the next 30 days.  At least 4 times a week to get out and walk 30 minutes.  I actually had already done mine just on a whim…weird, but cool.  We have to log it on My Fitness Pal…which I had already done…cool!  So I’ll get up and out, get some Vitamin D…in this gorgeous CO weather…um YEA!!!

Anyway…I’m making the pages turn in The Secret again…and I LOVE it every time!!!

I don’t really have any cool stuff to report but I want to stay in the habit of writing frequently.  I want to have you along on my journey to my best self.  I have a goal weight in mind but I have poor stick and stay when it comes to healthy eating and working out.  That’s part of the reason I got into the challenge.  A nice walk in the morning will get my day off right.  Also I’m trying to stay accountable with my food choices.  So the My Fitness Pal thing will be helpful.  I want to stay accountable on all fronts…business, pleasure, fitness and diet.  As long as my health holds up I’ll be GOLDEN!  If not, my accountability to my readers will give me a little kick in the pants 🙂  So if you’re on My Fitness Pal, let me know, we can be friends 🙂

Well kids, it’s time for my beauty sleep!!  Until next time….