It’s not the weekend but it sure isn’t Monday…

Usually on Monday I have sunshine and rainbows all over the place….NOT this week! This week I entered into the cliche of “having a Monday”.  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and stayed there all day as one thing after another went wrong wrong wrong.

My dog did not behave, my body did not behave.  Cady, my car, did not behave.  It amazed me to see just how much I take my car for granted.  I was running close to late.  I should mention that late, in my opinion, is less than ten minutes early.  Luckily this helped me to only be 8 minutes late.  I have my timing down pat now at my new job.  Cady’s battery was dead somehow. Of course the office didn’t have anyone to help, I do have cables and I just needed a car. I call AAA and my coverage expired in December….oh my I was LIVID!!! Deep breaths, more deep breaths and anxiety meds…..then it looks like I’m down for the count….and around the corner comes a fellow dog Mom. 

Rachel happened to have a BRAND NEW Mazda right there!  A quick jump to my battery, a million thank yous and I’m off!!!  Thank you dog Mom!!!

Come to find out I worked my entire shift and Tuesday morning I get a text that this week is my schedule change to have Monday off and work Friday instead…..YOU’VE GOT TO BE JOKING ME!?!?!?? Come on!!!

On the up side I had last night off and boy did I need it.  I napped and fell dead asleep last night.  My Love shows me what our little fur face has done overnight…..she chewed through her bed again so now she gets nothing!!!  Bad dog!

Week one of Weight Watchers went great!!  2.8 pounds lost!!!  I lost more last week than I’ve been able to do in the last 6 months. 😃

Thursday we have a concert to go to!!  Jason Mraz acoustic show!!!  Yay!!!!  Sushi before, which is ALWAYS a good idea! 😃

Things are going well, as long as I take it easy.  Doc is keeping an eye on me, but that’s what he’s for, right?! 😃