I’m a slacker

No this is not intended to brag, because it’s awful!  I’m all pleased with myself for going out and walking a couple of miles today.  I got into a Challenge group…well maybe not so much of a challenge as an accountability group for the next 30 days.  At least 4 times a week to get out and walk 30 minutes.  I actually had already done mine just on a whim…weird, but cool.  We have to log it on My Fitness Pal…which I had already done…cool!  So I’ll get up and out, get some Vitamin D…in this gorgeous CO weather…um YEA!!!

Anyway…I’m making the pages turn in The Secret again…and I LOVE it every time!!!

I don’t really have any cool stuff to report but I want to stay in the habit of writing frequently.  I want to have you along on my journey to my best self.  I have a goal weight in mind but I have poor stick and stay when it comes to healthy eating and working out.  That’s part of the reason I got into the challenge.  A nice walk in the morning will get my day off right.  Also I’m trying to stay accountable with my food choices.  So the My Fitness Pal thing will be helpful.  I want to stay accountable on all fronts…business, pleasure, fitness and diet.  As long as my health holds up I’ll be GOLDEN!  If not, my accountability to my readers will give me a little kick in the pants 🙂  So if you’re on My Fitness Pal, let me know, we can be friends 🙂

Well kids, it’s time for my beauty sleep!!  Until next time….

My new layout!!

So I’m all impressed with myself for changing the theme of my blog and did a little bit of customizing.  I did my about page and I feel kind of shy about it.  I’m not a shy person so this confuses me.  I’ll just wing it for a bit and see what happens.  Tomorrow I have a very early appointment with a fascinating woman 🙂  I’m looking forward to it.  

I’m business building to make our team amazing…helping people have more time freedom, extra money in the bank and the opportunity to make family memories around the world.  I’m doing it on a very part time basis and I’m truly enjoying the ride.  I’m surrounded by amazing people ALL THE TIME!!  I love all of the events I go to when I’m networking.  They’re fun!  My “Why”  is to get My Love out of his full time job and down to his part time jobs. 

This new blog layout makes me all inspired to do cool things to report back to my readers.  Thanks to my dozen readers!!!  ❤ to you all!

I think I’m a blogger now

So I think I’m a blogger now because I watched a (yes singular) tutorial on how to set up a blog. I’m going to do it all tomorrow and have another great day 🙂
I thought it was Sunday all day. Well on the up side, there’s another weekend day! It doesn’t count so much when My Love is a weekend worker. I’m thinking that my blog will be a bit of this and a bit of that. Recipes, working out, my mental health tales, shenanigans and my life in beautiful CO. Ideally I’d love all kinds if people to read it. That’s the point I suppose 😉
It’s late and time for my beauty sleep.
Good night and I’ll see you tomorrow!