It would appear that I took the summer off…..

But I’m back!! Stay tuned! A couple of my manis from the past couple weeks 💅🏼 I’m still loving the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes. 

I miss the accountability that writing gives me. So I’m going to fine tune my blog whilst learning more of the tech side. Make it all pretty and stuff. 😁💜

 Happy Sunday!!

I’m flaking all over the place. 

So I’m feeling a ton better overall now that we’ve braved the raging rapids of my medication overhaul. Now it’s a 3 day headache that I’m recovering from. I was feeling like I couldn’t catch a break…..BUT the sun is shining, I have the day off and I feel great!! I intend to make the most of my day!!

I’ve been missing writing but I just haven’t been able to get my shit together enough to do it. In other news I’m still hot on the job hunt. 

My Love has been traveling a lot this past month although I’ve had him home a week straight now. 😍 

I’ve been kicking butt with WW!! ☺️👍🏼😎 Also I’m still slowly working on Couch to 5K 🏃🏽‍♀️😅

Tonight I’m trying out a support group for Huntington’s Disease. 💜 Should be interesting. I feel like maybe I should’ve done that years ago. I’m a self proclaimed CHICKEN!! 🐣🐤🐔🐥 Anyway I’m going to check it out 😳

I’m reading a Tony Robbins book: How to Awaken the Giant Within. I’m loving it!! How did I not read him before? Personal development is something I wish I found sooner than age 32. I could’ve been much further on my journey. ☺️ 🤓

Sooooo all is well in this neck of the woods 💜 Also fun fact: my nieces love FaceTime! And I do too! I’m sure my sister gets driven crazy about it but that’s okay 😉

See you soon peeps!!

Well I’m home with my fur face…it’s been real

So my quickie trip to Boston did not go as planned…that’s putting it mildly.  Let’s start at the beginning.

I drove myself to the airport so that Id have my car when I got home since My Love was not going to be with me.  He’s on a road trip to a convention he was going to out of state.  My fur face was staying at her favorite 2nd home Bark at the World .  My Mom had told me that my Grandfather was in the hospital with pneumonia.  I honestly didn’t think too much of it…..that was my mistake.

I get to my Mom’s and my sister is there with my nieces, my Mom and an aunt or two…kind of odd for a Thursday.  It was said that we needed to go see Pop.  I seem to forget that he and my Gram are 81.  They don’t bounce back like they used to.  Pop was in a BAD BAD way.  It absolutely rocked me to my core…he can’t go yet.  We’ve been very very spoiled just to have them as grand parents for the past 37 years.  Although they’re only “grandparents” they have been so so so much more to Sister and me.  We lived with them for 8 plus years.  The best years growing up.  I have my best childhood memories with them.  My mom worked her butt off all the time and took night classes until she graduated from college.  Pop took early retirement at 55, we were always with them.  Camping every weekend all summer long and a week in the summer, a trip to Disney.  So many of my best memories are living on Eustis St at the end of a dead end having fun for years…..

My grandfather is the main guy of the house…My Dad wasn’t in the house.  Pop was.  Sister and I learned things that are no longer taught.  Respect, honor, love, all the good stuff that matters in life.  You get your butt up if you’re sitting in Pop’s seat.  From Gram I got “You never feel bad for doing the right thing.”  They’re great great people and I’m a better person to have learned life lessons from them directly.

Great news: Pop’s doing MUCH MUCH better.  I did extend my trip for a couple days.  I just couldn’t leave…not like he was.  I broke a few speed limits getting to my Bailey last night.  She’s been sleeping ever since.

I had a TERRIBLE weigh in today.  I had to pay for all of the bad things I ate all week.  I now know that that sucks so I won’t do it again this week.  I’m starting couch to 5 K either tonight or tomorrow 🙂

Here’s some random pics of my past week!!!!  Egg hunt, coloring eggs, Bailey pics, beer and the best gift I’ve ever gotten: I love you to the moon and back bracelet from My Peanut ❤

IMG_1987 IMG_1968 IMG_1961 IMG_1956 IMG_1962 IMG_1964 IMG_1986 IMG_1995

New years resolution? Oh yea, I’m kicking it’s ass!!

I’ve been feeling GREAT!!!  Little headaches in the morning but it goes away, and I’ve been BP free for the past week and a half 🙂

I’ve been doing Can You 24? AND Couch 2 5K simultaneously!!!  GO ME!!!  I’m on Week 3 of Couch 2 5K, I did workout 1 today and it was dreadful…but I did it!  I now know what to expect for next time.  I’m in week 3 of the first phase of Can You 24?  It’s a great, quick workout that gets the heart pumping 🙂  My love and I have both been doing the Can You 24 workouts together as much as we can, as well as doing our runs together. (He’s on week 5) 

I’m down 8 pounds since the 8th 🙂  Our clean eating is paying off and I’m excited about it!  This is usually the part where we veer off track “rewarding ourselves” for our hard work.  Now we will have a still mainly clean “cheat” to keep us on track.  We are dedicated to our journey to healthy, fit and trim!!! We are being so good and still enjoying all of our meals!!  Paleo all the way!  If we stray from Paleo we are still Zone so we are still being AWESOME!!!  We have Paleo bread being delivered this week, one made with coconut flour and the other is made with almond flour…I can’t wait to try them!!!


So I finally made it thru the Week 2 Workout 2 of C25k THANK GOODNESS!!!!! It was not pretty but I did it!
Now that we are still doing our AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse we are having a super clean dinner and some lemon waters, woah we are CRAZY!
My love goes back to work tomorrow so we are having a low key date day :). I got a dreadful, out of nowhere migraine last night that kicked my a$$ until 3 this afternoon, thank goodness it’s gone now.
We have worked out 3 days in a row together and I’m so sore, and I LOVE it!!! I want to keep the momentum going as long as I can. I love working out with my love and I especially love that we can do it together at different paces. We do treadmills next to each other so he can go fast and I go medium:). Also On our AdvoCare DVD there are 3 different levels so he does advanced and I do intermediate. So it’s nice 🙂 I’m down 3 pounds in the last 5 days so I’m happy.
So it’s been a great few days and I’m looking forward to coming in strong thru next week! Go us!!!
Our veggie quinoa, grilled asparagus and grilled salmon are coming off the grill….dinner time!!!

Holy Moley!!!

Wow is all I have to say for the last week…..Started off amazing ended miserably.  Headache started on Sunday and lasted until Friday.  WTH?!?!  There was varying intensities, vomit and a trip to the ER.  WHY you ask?!  If only I knew!!!  I have slept, ALOT!  I was miserable, ALOT.  I even cried twice.  On the up side TOMMY IS THE BOMB DOT COM!!!!!!!!  He took care of me like a rockstar!!

My bipolar disorder has been pretty well behaved while my head was out of control.  YAY!!!

Sidenote:  I’m doing a ween off ibuprofen.  So I’m taking 3 3X a day for 3 days as my first leg of the cycle.

Also I have not been working out but I am today.  I’m starting Couch 2 5K AGAIN.  I’ve done it 2 or 3 times now and I haven’t gotten past week 4 yet.  I will this time because I want to be able to just “go for a run”.  It sounds like it’d be so therapeutic and a good way to burn some calories.

It’s Christmas weekend and I’ll be on my own, as my love will be working 😦  I missed my little blog world.  I’m back!