Friday Funday and Game Day Saturday….

So I’ve come to the conclusion that it, in fact, is NOT summer that I love…’s fall ☺️☺️☺️☺️ That being said I’m SO DAMN HAPPY!!!!!  I absolutely HATE HUMIDITY!!!!!! I LOVED Colorado for all 6 years I was there because there was none of that nonsense there!! Back to the positive: it’s just about gone! Now it’s my chance to enjoy Michigan! Come on Bailey we’re walkin!!!  I want to just keep the ball rolling. I’m down 10 pounds and would like to do some of this Couch to 5K outside in real life. 😉 I have big goals for September!! I think I’m the only dork that makes them….

I’m still on the job hunt but it’s not as bad there as it was. I enjoyed my monthly free massage the other day. 😉 That being said I genuinely feel like a mother hen with my direct coworkers. Yikes!! 🙄

I’m thinking I wanna start a weekly WW Wednesday with a weekly recipe that we tried and loved….what do you think? 😄

So I’m sitting on our deck with My Love, enjoying our Saturday off with Miss Bailey. Some good food, good football…GO BLUE!! Great music, no sweaty mess!!! YESSSS!!

The sun is going down a bit earlier but I’m not mad yet, yet…..

I’m doing a Daily Journal Challenge this month and it’s making me look within to be a better me. ☺️ Everyone needs to be aware of themselves. People are present but very absent. It’s sad but it’s just how it is now. Damn phones!!!  That being said… I’m putting my phone down to be with My Love!!! 😍😍😍😍

Goodnight y’all!!! 💜💜💜p