So…it’s Monday and that’s a good thing

4 years ago I attempted being a Cross Fitter...key word is attempted. :)

4 years ago I attempted being a Cross Fitter…key word is attempted. 🙂

Good evening my fantastic followers!!

I’m taking a Skinny Jeans Barre class and I’m absolutely loving the booty kicking that I get in 60 minutes.  It makes you VERY aware of your muscles.  I must be in better shape than I thought because I’m not getting super sore anymore.

My giant puppy is officially stronger than me.  It takes all of me to push her off the couch.  Little brat.  Oh and now she’s a snob for her food and treats. Pain in the butt. We just came from Petco, a hundred bucks later…freshie freshie!

I’ve been Winning the Day lately EXCEPT I’m a giant idiot….I know I know….I already am.  I’m turning the microwave on instead of using the timer, I’m starting the dryer with no clothes in it.  I say the wrong words…I’m pretty sure that I’m on too many meds…BUT I get nervous because of my Dad…I shouldn’t think that way but I can’t help it.  These are the things my Dad did…we chalked it up to being absent minded and just out of whack.  Then we found out about the HD.  I’m not supposed to acknowledge it…I don’t wanna be that way.  SO I acknowledge it and My Love reassures me that I’m fine and we’ll fix it.  Omegas by the car full, vitamins, clean eating, working out, antioxidants galore.  I’m doing another HD test so I can go to the HD specialist here…rumor has it he’s THE guy to go to.  Naturally I’ll keep you updated, because this is my soap box to get out my stuff so it doesn’t swirl around my head at the speed of light.

On the bright side it’s Monday and I already have my first workout of the week done.  WHOOP WHOOP!!! I’m planning on 4 workouts this week. 1 down 3 to go!  Do you all make weekly goals?  I like to so time and days don’t get away from me.  Working from home is tricky with a needy pup.  That’s where Nancy and Mike come in, Bark At the World…puppy “day care”.  She loves it and I get stuff done!  Win win!

Have a great week! ❤ Chrissi

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