My new layout!!

So I’m all impressed with myself for changing the theme of my blog and did a little bit of customizing.  I did my about page and I feel kind of shy about it.  I’m not a shy person so this confuses me.  I’ll just wing it for a bit and see what happens.  Tomorrow I have a very early appointment with a fascinating woman 🙂  I’m looking forward to it.  

I’m business building to make our team amazing…helping people have more time freedom, extra money in the bank and the opportunity to make family memories around the world.  I’m doing it on a very part time basis and I’m truly enjoying the ride.  I’m surrounded by amazing people ALL THE TIME!!  I love all of the events I go to when I’m networking.  They’re fun!  My “Why”  is to get My Love out of his full time job and down to his part time jobs. 

This new blog layout makes me all inspired to do cool things to report back to my readers.  Thanks to my dozen readers!!!  ❤ to you all!


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