My goodness…I sure am crabby


I hope all of you are getting moving for a great week!

I got to go to yoga so my Monday is back on track!  I just love it.  I’m not that good yet but I’m already seeing improvements in my balance and my upper body strength.  I’ll take it!  I was hoping that it would help me get out of my head a bit, it only worked very temporarily, I’m still miserable.  I just can’t seem to shake this funk.  It’s been at least a week, possibly 2 that I’m very irritable.  I’m just an absolute witch in my head, but I keep it in there; you can’t just go around being mean to people.  When I’m sitting down “relaxing” I’m off in never never land, not paying a bit of attention.  This reminds me that I must call my Doc.  I hope it goes away soon…I hate when I’m like this!!! 😦

We had a great week of food!! Turkey tomatillo burgers, baked chicken with artichokes, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, sushi…..yummmmm!!

We have been exercising a bit but we need to kick in high gear this week.  I WILL do 4 workouts this week!!  We leave for a week to Boston for my cousin’s wedding on October 1st. I’m hoping to stay on track while we’re there, although the week is already jam packed full of busyness!  This past week when I did workout it was just a half hour on the treadmill walking.  My Love is helping me to make sure I do SOMETHING, even if it’s not all out full throttle.  THANK YOU MY LOVE!

Just keep swimming right?  Swimming, walking…whatever 🙂  I keep struggling with the getting moving and keeping on track…but so does everyone else right? 🙂 I just hate not being me…but please believe that as cranky and miserable as I am I can still laugh and smile and carry on.  I’m just very sad inside.

I almost burst into tears last night out of frustration with Bailey, again! She sure is cute….and maddening!!!  She is getting better but with my massive cranky time I feel like I’m a bad pup Mom.  My Love says I’m WAY too hard on myself…but that is all part of my journey.  I need to get better but when I’m in my funk not too much will help me be better with myself.  When I’m good I’m great but I’m not right now so I’m unhappy and absent with a stupid headache.  I’ll be back soon…but for now: It’s almost time for Ellen…I need to get my laugh on!!! 🙂

What’s your go to happy place? What do you do to help you with your mood swings?

I can’t wait to go to Boston, I need the beach!

My filthy pup after an afternoon at the dog park :)

My filthy pup after an afternoon at the dog park 🙂

Baked chicken with artichokes, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. #yum

Baked chicken with artichokes, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. #yum

A little back in the day Shai as my background music. :)

A little back in the day Shai as my background music. 🙂

Baked chicken with artichokes, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. #yum

Baked chicken with artichokes, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. #yum



Yeah so I’m not good at consistency…help!

For most of my east coast friends and family it’ll be Tuesday morning by the time you get this…my mountain friends will get this on Monday long after responsibilites have been completed and the badness of Monday has passed. My day started off strangely and stayed there all day…I just had a fog that just wouldn’t quit.

I missed yoga this morning and I was actually bummed out about it. My Love was on a Skype call and our little fur monster wouldn’t stop barking so I had to come get her. She has been quite impatient and vocal and that needs to stop IMMEDIATELY!!! I’ll have to look it up. Too bad she won’t stop barking long enough for me to look it up 🙂 ha ha ha ha

We have been eating good and bad lately. We aren’t good planners and that’s bad!!! Although Friday we started to get a bit better and we’ve been eating well at least since then 🙂 Tonight for dinner we had grilled turkey burgers with tomatillos and onions and it was soooooo delicious! We had baked fries as a side and wheat buns. Last night we had the frozen salmon from Costco and they’re surprisingly good! The ground turkey tonight was Butterball but it was slimy and pureed…way nasty but it cooked well. I still won’t buy that brand again.

I had a conference call tonight that basically told me that I’m doing the right things to keep new people coming in my life to build relationships and grow my network. Networking groups and different social groups are the way. They keep you out there meeting new people. You don’t do it for sign ups though. I want to meet new people so I can connect them with their ideal people and they can see who would be good for me. It’s fun to have different things to do each day. I have my favorite groups of course. In fact I have 2 of that groups events this week. The people are awesome! That makes all the difference!

We took a great walk yesterday before dinner. The weather was perfect and we had a bit of a hustle going to wear out Miss Bailey. It almost worked 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the week…a bit of this and a bit of that…

My little baby's growing up

My little baby’s growing up

Can you stand the cuteness?

Can you stand the cuteness?

I was TRYING to read my magazines...but Bailey wanted to eat my magazines...this was the only place she couldn't eat them.

I was TRYING to read my magazines…but Bailey wanted to eat my magazines…this was the only place she couldn’t eat them.

A nice family walk before dinner.

A nice family walk before dinner.

When Bailey gets worked up and defensive only this part of her tail puffs a skunk.

When Bailey gets worked up and defensive only this part of her tail puffs up…like a skunk.

I’m mustering up all the Rah Rah Rah I can right now

So it is Monday again, so it’s a new post day. We did just get finished with our workout which happened to be my first one in a week…yeah, go Me, right? That’s nonsense but I’ve been super blah all this past week. My case of the Mondays lasted pretty much all week. Today I made the effort to go to the fitness room to get that first one done…in hopes of walking away my funk. I was hoping to come back with some really optimistic, let’s kill this month, all sorts goals and plans…yeah that didn’t really happen so I’m going to make it happen on the fly and Win this Day!

Okay so I have giant goals that I want to accomplish this month. I DO have my heart set on a scale number for this month. I know that I shouldn’t but I am…I need to!! I’m of course not going to share that. It’s roughly 6 pounds for the month which I SHOULD be able to do. We have a wedding to go to and I want to feel good with my accomplishments in my jeans and on the scale.

I also want to make Director this month with my super awesome company! 🙂 It’s the start of great things! It’ll be another accomplishment for the month. If I do more that’s okay too 😉

So I chopped off all of my hair! There it is :)

So I chopped off all of my hair! There it is 🙂

So this happened last Friday 🙂 I now have a sassy, short cut 🙂 I only have a dorky pic that I took for my Mom, Sister and Bestie so you can’t see that.

We tried a sushi place in our city that a friend suggested...holy #yum

We tried a sushi place in our city that a friend suggested…holy #yum

Finally we go to get some sushi at Okinawa Sushi in Littleton Colorado!! It always feels like forever in between sushi feasts…I just can’t get enough!!! It was absolutely delicious!!! Happy hour beers and no cocktail list kept our bill WAY down. Our favorite sushi place in downtown Denver has a very enticing cocktail list. So I’m in for a small bill and no paying for parking. We will be returning FOR SURE!!!

My gorgeous older niece made me these bookmarks so I can read more.

My gorgeous older niece made me these bookmarks so I can read more.

Now I can read more 🙂

I’m so happy for September being here…I love it in the fall! Perfect weather, a slight chill…oh my favorite!!! I wish for all of you to have a fantastic week! Eat clean, workout and keep healthy!! See you Monday!

I must be having a case of the Mondays

In my previous life I had a cube job and I absolutely hated it with a passion and there’d always be some idiot cracking Monday cliches…yeah I didn’t fit there at all. Network marketing is very me! Talking to people as your job?! Sign me up!!!
So anyway, I’ve been super busy all day and I’m just getting home and settled. My Love just came in to only to find me sitting on the floor crying and little Miss Bailey in her crate. Fun! Oh my poor poor Love 😃
It took a big giant hug and a smooch or 5 on my head for me to stop crying. It’ll get easier he said, and I believe him. There is no doubt in my mind that it was not Bailey that made me cry….BUT she was, as they say, the straw that broke the camel’s back. Only God knows the cocktail of events that caused the breakdown…but I just went with it. Crying can be quite cleansing. That’s what I’m hoping for.


That’s my demon dog looking all cute 💜


That’s the Coldstone Creamery Oreo ice cream cake that My Love got so we could “celebrate” my Dad’s birthday. I am so very thankful for My Love that he’s so understanding and awesome with me!! I can cry or laugh or be crazy and he’s always supportive and I would be lost without him!! 💜💜💜


A great picture from our Mt Falcon hike 😃 We’re going to try and make hiking part of our fitness routine. We live in an absolutely gorgeous place, why not take advantage? Get some of pup’s energy out 😃

We did a pact so we’re more accountable. 4 workouts a week and clean eating 75% of the time. So the pact is good until the last day of September, then we’ll reassess and make another!!

So now I’m relaxed a bit and that little pain in my butt is getting out of her crate. Ahhhh the fun of an emotional chick playing Puppy Mom 😃 She’s worth it!

What are your goals this week? I did yoga this morning! Zumba tomorrow!! I actually blocked the time out of my schedule for the whole 4 days! Boom, fitness goals done! Yeah let’s see how this goes 😃
Kick butt everyone!!!

This has been the week of the Cha-Cha

Isn't she cute?

Isn’t she cute?

She's a snuggler :)

She’s a snuggler 🙂

She loves to play!

She loves to play!

This past week has been absolutely fantastic!!!  Remember all of those goals I set for last week…..welllll they didn’t play out quite the way I had planned.  That new addition who is tiny and furry and Bailey….yup she put the kabosh on almost all of my plans.  She’s needy and a biter, and takes up quite a lot of time…..BUT, that being said, I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  There definitely needs to be some adjustment on our part as well as hers.  She is a rescue and she is a puppy, a young puppy.  We think we have been doing so well with her but as soon as you kind of have a rhythm with her with going out and conducting her business, she’ll pee in the kitchen.  All is going well…there’s a wet spot on the carpet…DAMNIT!  We do have a 3 day strong record going for no number 2’s in the house.  Hopefully we’ll be much further next week. 🙂

Miss Bailey is sweet, loving, adorable and cute as hell. 🙂  She’s growing very fast and eats a lot!  We have a very different life now with her around.  I turned into a weird dog person basically as soon as I saw her picture.  She’s an expensive little furball but she’s worth it.  We are over the moon about her, and it’ll only get worse!!

Anyway, enough of the furball talk.  This past week ended up being a dud, EXCEPT we ate super clean since we were on a cleanse so that’s a big plus!  I’m down 12 pounds since April and My Love’s down 20!!!  We’re kicking serious booty!!  I just stocked us up on clean proteins and a bunch of lettuce from Costco so now all we have to do is defrost and pick up produce….BOOM!  Shrimp, salmon, chicken and some bacon wrapped sirloins (for the weekend 🙂 )  Sounds like a great couple weeks of clean eating!!! If you only have healthy food in the house, you’ll eat healthy food!! GO US!!

So I’ve finally gotten okay with my super slow pace with my weight loss…patience has finally kicked in.  I’m more at peace with a half a pound losses since they are indeed still a loss.  My health challenges do make me have to work harder and more often but now that my thyroid medication seems to be on point I’m getting a little bit of a break.  YAY!!!

We went to the Sara Bareilles concert at the Denver Botanical Gardens… AMAZING!!

Sara Bareilles concert was SO GOOD!!!  I was like a little kid, so exciting!!!  Gorgeous day, perfect weather for an outside venue!!

Sara Bareilles concert was SO GOOD!!! I was like a little kid, so exciting!!! Gorgeous day, perfect weather for an outside venue!!

Business has been a little slow so I’m picking up the pace for the month.  See what I can do to make Director this month!  Also I NEED TO GET READING!!!  I had a bad headache last week so I couldn’t work out or read…damn those things!!!  Did I tell you how thankful I have been for my Botox treatments?  They are amazing!  I’ll only get 3-5 migraine days a month as opposed to my 20-25 days a month like before…if you have a lot of headaches ask me anything, I’m always happy to share!  I had a BiPolar free week!  

Goals for the week: Workout 4 times at least, read at least 4 days this week, 2 blog posts( 1 is done, CHECK), clean a room a day all week, declutter and file, 3 appointments at least, calls on 4 days…..and I’ll keep my eyes out for bargains on house goods (I’m looking to upgrade the bedroom).