Yeah so I’m not good at consistency…help!

For most of my east coast friends and family it’ll be Tuesday morning by the time you get this…my mountain friends will get this on Monday long after responsibilites have been completed and the badness of Monday has passed. My day started off strangely and stayed there all day…I just had a fog that just wouldn’t quit.

I missed yoga this morning and I was actually bummed out about it. My Love was on a Skype call and our little fur monster wouldn’t stop barking so I had to come get her. She has been quite impatient and vocal and that needs to stop IMMEDIATELY!!! I’ll have to look it up. Too bad she won’t stop barking long enough for me to look it up 🙂 ha ha ha ha

We have been eating good and bad lately. We aren’t good planners and that’s bad!!! Although Friday we started to get a bit better and we’ve been eating well at least since then 🙂 Tonight for dinner we had grilled turkey burgers with tomatillos and onions and it was soooooo delicious! We had baked fries as a side and wheat buns. Last night we had the frozen salmon from Costco and they’re surprisingly good! The ground turkey tonight was Butterball but it was slimy and pureed…way nasty but it cooked well. I still won’t buy that brand again.

I had a conference call tonight that basically told me that I’m doing the right things to keep new people coming in my life to build relationships and grow my network. Networking groups and different social groups are the way. They keep you out there meeting new people. You don’t do it for sign ups though. I want to meet new people so I can connect them with their ideal people and they can see who would be good for me. It’s fun to have different things to do each day. I have my favorite groups of course. In fact I have 2 of that groups events this week. The people are awesome! That makes all the difference!

We took a great walk yesterday before dinner. The weather was perfect and we had a bit of a hustle going to wear out Miss Bailey. It almost worked 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the week…a bit of this and a bit of that…

My little baby's growing up

My little baby’s growing up

Can you stand the cuteness?

Can you stand the cuteness?

I was TRYING to read my magazines...but Bailey wanted to eat my magazines...this was the only place she couldn't eat them.

I was TRYING to read my magazines…but Bailey wanted to eat my magazines…this was the only place she couldn’t eat them.

A nice family walk before dinner.

A nice family walk before dinner.

When Bailey gets worked up and defensive only this part of her tail puffs a skunk.

When Bailey gets worked up and defensive only this part of her tail puffs up…like a skunk.


I’m at war with clutter at home…I think I’m losing


I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!!  We definitely did!!!

We had dinner plans with a friend of mine and her hubby Saturday night.  We requested that the place have a patio and it did with an extra added bonus of some live music!  Score!  We didn’t talk about work or stress, just lots of laughs and great company!  We said that we’d get together next month and I’m making sure that we make plans!!  Next thing you know, a year’s gone by…time flies like that.

Sunday we had a super chill day and just let the relaxation happen.  We truly enjoyed the day and it was well needed!!!  

So I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of all of this clutter…yeah it’s magazines and papers…and being a networker…damn business cards!  Luckily I have a better online store to shop with so the coupons are all gone!  However, the magazines still remain.  I’m still working on my Dream board with all of the magazines I have to go through.  Goal #8 (the others are coming).  Anyway, I’m trying to do it as I go, just always have something in my hands to throw out.  I’ve gone though the pile on the coffee table, however it may have just moved to the arm of the couch…damn my hoarding tendencies. (Thanks Nana)

As far as my week….my health is cooperating so that is a big plus!  I only had a couple of workouts and our eating was pretty good so I’m happy with all of that.  This week I’m hitting it hard with my goals and I’m determined to get some awesome losses on the scale!  Sometimes you’re the one being led and sometimes you’re doing the leading in any relationship.  This is also true of My Love and I’s fitness routine.  Sometimes he’s the bad ass one and sometimes I’m the one doing the nudging.  Today starts my not so gentle prodding toward the fitness room. 🙂  We have goals and wants on the scale and in the jeans.  I say this after my first workout of the week is under my belt. ❤   I’m scheduling in my workouts so they are part of my daily To-Do’s.  It’s easier to accomplish because I have classes that I’m taking.  On yoga days I’d love to potentially get in some cardio with My Love…let’s see how that plays out.  How do you all do your workouts? My Bestie will get up before work at like 5AM…please believe that you will NEVER see me get up at 5 AM for anything unless it’s a flight.  She does have a house full of 3 boys, a big dumb dog (Sorry Ted) and a hubby.  She gets her alone time in with her workout.  To anyone who does this: YOU’RE AWESOME! Now me on the other hand…I’m doing good to get there for 10:30 🙂   I’m improving, it was 1:00PM 🙂

I proclaimed my goals for the week on Facebook so I’ll just proclaim them again:

1.Workout 4X

2. Eat clean 80% of the time

3. Read at least 3 days

4. 3 Networking events

5. Make calls 3 days

6. Audio books 3 days

Those are some big goals…do people in general not set goals because they’re a call to action?  Maybe they’re not into disappointment when they’re not achieved? I like them so I reach high…even if I miss one at least I’m a whole bunch closer than I would’ve been if I just coasted….my just go with the flow doesn’t get too much accomplished…that’s why I make goals. 🙂

I feel guilty that I don’t have any pictures for you this week…the puppy is getting bigger by the minute.  She’s 11 weeks 🙂

I’ll do photo worthy things this week…make that goal #7 ❤


So…my chatter box, unbalanced self goes to my first yoga class

I was nervous for sure.  I didn’t think I was yoga material.  I was envisioning awful outcomes, hoping they would not become my one hour of reality.  I am a self proclaimed Sweaty Betty and hot yoga is a bad idea.  Luckily the heat wasn’t quite up to par so it was “only” 85 in there.  I was sweating just from being in there.  I was the oldest person in the class.  The yoga instructor was super sweet, very welcoming, and lead a great class (well in my opinion anyway).  The class was filled with 20, early 20 somethings who were all in perfect condition and ultra flexible.  Well let’s just say, I’m not. It was fun, and I shall return next Monday as well.

On other fronts, I seem to have a new, small obsession with the Powell Pack.  Chris and Heidi Powell are so successful, positive, smart and happy.  They’re partners in business as well as life.  They’re also experts on nutrition and fitness.  Now the latter part of that is where I have the trouble.  That’s why I headed to Barnes & Noble with 7  minutes until close.  I HAD to get his new book Choose More, Lose More for Life.  I read it until I fell asleep last night.   I’m about to crack it open again tonight.   

Today is My Love’s Friday!  He’ll get home in the morning at 5:30 and is off for 4 days!  We are excited because we get to watch the Bruins get closer to the Stanley Cup!

We’ve been juicing just under a week now.  There’s no question that green juices are awesome.  They’re a nutritional power house and they’re delicious.  That being said, there’s a small part of me that says they’re a pain in the ass.  Just being honest.  I’m hungry every 2 hours.  It’s all super clean calories and awesome juice for us.  I’m going to do it regardless, but it’s not a take and go kind of drink.  My Love’s had to take them to work this week and they just don’t look good after a half hour.  The whole point is to get super fresh fruit and veggies.  The next 4 days will be super fresh juice for both of us.

Do you juice?  Do you like hockey? Do you have a blog?