Yeah so I’m not good at consistency…help!

For most of my east coast friends and family it’ll be Tuesday morning by the time you get this…my mountain friends will get this on Monday long after responsibilites have been completed and the badness of Monday has passed. My day started off strangely and stayed there all day…I just had a fog that just wouldn’t quit.

I missed yoga this morning and I was actually bummed out about it. My Love was on a Skype call and our little fur monster wouldn’t stop barking so I had to come get her. She has been quite impatient and vocal and that needs to stop IMMEDIATELY!!! I’ll have to look it up. Too bad she won’t stop barking long enough for me to look it up 🙂 ha ha ha ha

We have been eating good and bad lately. We aren’t good planners and that’s bad!!! Although Friday we started to get a bit better and we’ve been eating well at least since then 🙂 Tonight for dinner we had grilled turkey burgers with tomatillos and onions and it was soooooo delicious! We had baked fries as a side and wheat buns. Last night we had the frozen salmon from Costco and they’re surprisingly good! The ground turkey tonight was Butterball but it was slimy and pureed…way nasty but it cooked well. I still won’t buy that brand again.

I had a conference call tonight that basically told me that I’m doing the right things to keep new people coming in my life to build relationships and grow my network. Networking groups and different social groups are the way. They keep you out there meeting new people. You don’t do it for sign ups though. I want to meet new people so I can connect them with their ideal people and they can see who would be good for me. It’s fun to have different things to do each day. I have my favorite groups of course. In fact I have 2 of that groups events this week. The people are awesome! That makes all the difference!

We took a great walk yesterday before dinner. The weather was perfect and we had a bit of a hustle going to wear out Miss Bailey. It almost worked 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the week…a bit of this and a bit of that…

My little baby's growing up

My little baby’s growing up

Can you stand the cuteness?

Can you stand the cuteness?

I was TRYING to read my magazines...but Bailey wanted to eat my magazines...this was the only place she couldn't eat them.

I was TRYING to read my magazines…but Bailey wanted to eat my magazines…this was the only place she couldn’t eat them.

A nice family walk before dinner.

A nice family walk before dinner.

When Bailey gets worked up and defensive only this part of her tail puffs a skunk.

When Bailey gets worked up and defensive only this part of her tail puffs up…like a skunk.

Oh November!!!

So I’ve been a major blogging slacker!

We went to Boston for our niece’s Baptism and it was a super fast but super good visit.  5 days of food, fun, family, visiting and some church.  It was great to see my Peanut and my Chicken…well and Mom and Sister too 🙂  I love that I can go there and visit and be totally okay with returning to my home with My Love.  Does that make me a bad person?  I love my family but I’m a healthier and happier person being a little bit away.  We made sure we had all of our food Must Haves: Kelly’s Lobster Roll, amazing home made Italian food, and great pizza.  CHECK, CHECK and CHECK!!!  It was a super yummy visit!!  Now all I am craving is SUSHI!!!

How was your November?

How was your holiday?

Thanksgiving at our house was AMAZING!!

I’m happy with our holiday…and not so happy with the massive quantities of food that were consumed.  We did ROCK the leftovers though.  We had the super important leftover sandwich, open faced and gravy covered….BEST PART!!!!!  I saw that Paula Deen had a Turkey Minestrone Soup recipe going around Facebook and we needed to try it.  So delicious!!!!  The broth got eaten up by the other ingredients, still amazing!

As it is Cyber Monday and the 2nd of the month I’m hoping to continue my working out and reel in my eating.  I’ve been doing my workouts pretty consistently but I’ve been eating STUPIDLY!!!  You can’t workout 3 days a week and have pizza and drinks all the time.  I know better!!!  It’s a little bit tricky since My Love and I aren’t right on the same page fitness wise right now.  We will be soon, I just have to up my will power!!!  As long as we have healthy choices on hand and ready to go we should be good!!!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to tell you: My Love put his notice in for his resignation from the stupid casino!!!!!!!  9 more shifts then he’s ALL DONE!!!!!  YAYAYAYAYYYYYY!!!

Once he finishes up his last shift we are ROAD TRIPPING TO MICHIGAN!!!!!  It’ll be the first time in 8 years that his whole family will be together for Christmas!!!  How excited is he?!?!?!?  I’m excited!!!  It’ll be a 2 day expedition each way but it’s nothing we haven’t done before…we did drive from Boston to Denver to get me here when I moved here 🙂  FUN!!!  We are certainly going to need some prepped and ready healthy choices for the road!!!  I’m so excited!!!  Can you tell!?!?  🙂

Pictured is how we supported Colorado Proud products on Thanksigiving 🙂  YUMMMMM!!!