Killin it! Crushing it!! Whatever you call it, we’re doing it!! Beach body here I come ;)

Do you celebrate Easter?  or Passover?  Our Easter was very untraditional this year!!! We enjoyed the day with some  Laundry and Paleo turkey meatloaf with cauliflower mashed, and we got silly with lemon water!  Yup we’re out of control.

So today is Day 9 of our 10 Day Herbal Cleanse by Advocare.  We are machines right now!!  We truly needed a good swift kick in the butt and this did it, FINALLY!  We have worked out 6 out of 9 days!!  We have a lot of good stuff going right now!  Clean eating to the extreme…no sugar no dairy and no grains!  It’s not even hard really.  Fruit is candy for us…I’m about to have some candy in a minute…well, pineapple 🙂

The next part of the Challenge is the burn phase: replenishing all of the vitamins and nutrients that we cleansed out MINUS THE CRAP!!!  We’re staying on the track as clean as we are right now.  We’re each others accountability partners for the good right now and moving forward.  No more shenanigans!!!  Well I’m not going to lie and say we’ll never eat a pizza or never drink a beer…that’s not living!  BUT we will eat clean and we will train hard.  A cheat meal here and there is fine but it will not be the norm anymore!  We have too much that we want to be holding ourselves back by being uncomfortable in our clothes.  As of yesterday I was down almost 5 pounds.  I’ll take it, it’s a huge step in the RIGHT direction!!!

I love that we can be so great together on all fronts!!  My Love is my world!!!  We got chubby together so now we’ll get strong together!!!

We celebrated My Love’s birthday in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and we didn’t go crazy, thank goodness!  It’s just been so crazy for us for the past couple of months…this whole year so far really.  My Dad’s passing in January, Florida for my birthday in February, March brought a bunch of business travel for My Love and our Boston trip, and finally our Vegas adventure for My Love’s birthday at the beginning of this month…and trying to get back to normal…our new normal…..CLEAN EATING!!  We aren’t traveling, well let’s say I’m not traveling, for a couple of months.  I’m going to take it and use it to my benefit.  Ass kicking in concentration!!!  Make some great habits that I’ll be able to take on the road in July to Boston for my little Peanut’s 7th birthday…my goodness.  That little girl…oh man I can’t even begin to get going on her…she IS my happy place ❤ ❤ ❤  My niece!! I never knew true, unwavering, unconditional love until she was born.  I was instantly mush and so over the moon about her.  Another post for another time 🙂

Anyway, we are adapting very well!  My “rest day” was cleaning the house today, and I still got a good workout in scrubbing!  I’ll be glad to get to the gym tomorrow…the machines are calling me.  I’m kicking it up to cardio and weights…no more slacking!!  This week has been up and down with my days and my BiPolar Disorder.  When I change anything in my schedules I get a little tipsy.  Nothing that I can’t handle with a little extra eye on me from My Love.  He really is THE GREATEST GUY EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!  Ladies eat your heart out!! 🙂

On another note: I am so very proud of where I’m from!!!  Boston has rallied yet once again!!!  Never count us out!!  Boston Strong is a total and complete understatement!!!  What a difference a year makes!!!  I am Boston Proud!


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Here’s what I’m working hard for now so in July, yum…Boston lobsters!!!  COME TO ME!!!!Image