At our house we’re big with “some and some”…that’s what here today!

It’s Thursday…and I’m in Colorado…it’s GORGEOUS OUT!!!  Another beautiful day in the neighbor hood!!  I’m a BIG lover of spring, but who isn’t?  

This past weekend we went on a trip to Durango, CO.  It was so gorgeous there!  There was a Taste of Durango celebration and it was super fun!!  I was there as My Love’s co pilot 🙂  We drove down from where we live and it was a 6 hour drive, but oh my was it gorgeous! Colorado is just breath taking!  Don’t get me wrong I miss the beach badly but the mountains and the weather soften the blow.  ImageImageImage

Today things got pretty scary for a little bit.  There was a giant storm headed my way, and the tornado warning was all overt he tv.  It even got to the emergency siren was going for probably 15 minutes.  I’ve never heard that before.  I come from the land of the Nor Easter and hurricanes.  Naturally I was home alone…but I’m tough!  It actually passed before I could actually get legitimately scared.  After that there was some serious thunder, lightning and rain.  It’s always gorgeous in Colorado where I am and it would figure that once it rains, it RAINS in inches.  There was some crazy weather, that’s for cure!!!  

We’ve been eating clean and working out for 37 days now!!  We make time for working out, and we’re trying to skip grains and dairy as often as possible.  We aren’t being freaks about it though.  We have some here and there but it weighs us down so we’re not doing it for the most part.  A beer or 2 here or there is okay, but not a 6 pack a night.  We’re seeing results a little bit here and there, so we’re still hitting workouts to keep the momentum going.  Today I had a doctor’s appointment and I’m in perfect health!!  My doctor asked if I wanted to schedule a follow up…just to come and say hi because he isn’t actually needed by me for anything 🙂  GO ME!!!

FIT@40 here I come!

Chicken breast and salad for dinner, a reliable dinner 🙂  Pretty simple but it’s healthy and clean!  I’m doing a balanced meal replacement shake with unsweetened almond milk.  Usually after the gym I’ll stick with my standby of strawberry banana smoothie with vanilla protein and coconut water.  YUMMMM!!!!  It’s an easy way to keep it clean and not have to think too much about cooking all the time.  

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!  Why complicate something?  It’s a set up for success!

We go to Michigan next week!!  Time for My Love’s niece’s 7th birthday!!!  I can’t wait to see everyone!  They really are family to me, and I couldn’t be a luckier lady to have them!  We’re going to get a week pass to the gym.  It’s one of those 24 hour ones that everyone has a key to.  Strange concept to me…we shall see.  We need to keep the great momentum going!  Healthy living is a life time commitment and we’re working on it!  We are being great support for each other, not that it surprises me.  Being proud of yourself and your Love is great for both of us!

I’m trying to build a reader base so please leave me a comment with a hint for me on how you build your blog.   Let me know who you are so I can read your blog!  Thanks for reading!  I hope to hear from you soon!