Happy Friday!! Bring on the weekend!!

Good afternoon!
I hope your week has been great!!
I got a job…..it seems to be a great fit for me. It’s Concierge at a nail salon. It’s not even 15 minutes from home. My hours are week night evenings and the latest is 7:30. I don’t know how long it’ll last like that but I’m very much enjoying it!! Because of my restrictions I can’t work over 20 hours. Come on now, I get to schmooze happy people, and they pay me! Some cleaning, some laundry…no biggie…..BOOM!! Great little gig for me.

I got my hair done this morning! LOVING IT!! It’s back to sassy 😃


This week and last have been QUITE THE ADJUSTMENT!!! I haven’t known my schedule to be able to work on my other things. Or my gym time. I’ve been SOOOOOOO tired. Like my good friend Canada said “welcome to the working world”. Well said my friend, well said.

I do enjoy coming home to My Love and My Pup!! They always give me a great welcome 💜💜💜💜💜💜

I’m so happy to be having weekends off 😃😃😃

We will be eating super clean and no drinks. Our lag in eating clean has been bad. Back on track. Our Biggest Loser Challenge has been bad for me. I have two good days then 3 bad. Then to add insult to injury I’m still on 2 weight gaining medications. I WILL OVERCOME THIS MADNESS!!!!! (Said while drinking a ton of water and a shake)

What’s everyone up to this weekend?
You can find us at the gym 😃




I think she likes it….freak

New jobby job

Good afternoon my Lovelies!

I have been a little bit absent lately and I have no reason.  Maybe I just didn’t have anything to report…I don’t know.

Yesterday I started my NEW job!  I’m a Consierge at a high end nail salon.  It’s right up my alley.  It’s a salon, it’s nails and I have to talk to people.  My chatty self is definitely in the right spot. 🙂 Also…me and nails?!  HEAVEN!

Today is day 2, wish me luck!

So on another front: my birth control just costed $108.00!?!?!?!?!  What the hell!?  Some nonsense about deductibles as part of the new 2015 rules.  I only have to hit a $200.00 deductible…well my meds are more than that a month so I’ll that by the end of the month…talk about a giant surprise.  Annoying! Good thing I have a new job…my goodness…..

In our kitchen we’ve been making a lot of new recipes.  We made zucchini noodles, zoodles!  Marinara and a few turkey meatballs…yummmmmm! We’ve been doing a lot of Paleo recipes not on purpose, just happening.  I think because I’m loving lexiscleankitchen.com and Paleomg.com 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Dad has been gone over a year now.  I’m hoping that it’s true that the first year is the worst because it was shitty.  I felt like garbage when I got my job and couldn’t call to tell him.  My first day of work and I thought to call him then that kick in the stomach returned …I can’t call.  I’m not gonna lie I was far from a consistent daughter.  I called less and less as he got sicker because we couldn’t have a traditional conversation.  I’d make a mental list of questions to ask and things to report.  I’d talk and I’d get a one word answer.  I’d happily settle for that kind of call now. ❤

I hope you all have a super week!!! ❤ Chrissi