So many exciting things going on!!!

I’m so sorry I have been an absent blogger!  I have no excuse…BUT I’m back!  

We kind of took a week off…for a trip to Michigan for My Love’s niece’s 7th birthday!!  She is, as usual, adorable, super smart, and creative!!  We had a fantastic time with My Love’s family…we were all there 🙂 It doesn’t get to happen often so he soaks up every minute! While we were in Michigan My Love and I went to the Red Sox vs. Tigers game with his brother and his girlfriend.  We had so much fun, although my Red Sox didn’t win 😦  Sidenote:  I’ve NEVER seen so many mosquitos in my life!!!

I have branched out into a business with a solid background!  All non-toxic super effective products!  I’m really excited!!  I’m seeing reorders already!!  Whoop whoop!! I’m feeling better without the chemicals in the house.  I honestly had no idea of how toxic most products are.  The products honestly work better than the toxic ones!  Who knew I’d turn into a tree hugger? 😉  ha ha

We are eating clean and logging in My Fitness Pal.  Are you on there?  Add me: chrissipenney  We slipped a bit in Michigan…it’s an easy thing to forget when you take a step out of your home schedule and are on the go go go.  My Love is headed away on business this week.  I will miss him but business is booming!!!  It’s so great to be working for your own benefit; not someone else’s benefit.

I’m trying to figure out how to get social media buttons on my blog…I’m a little bit, how shall I say it, technologically challenged 😉  I’ll figure it out…unless you want to help me?

I’m coming out from chicken self..I’ll be promoting my blog from now on!!!  I’m hoping for accountability from my faithful readers!!!  I’m trying to learn consistency…It’s like the book The Slight Edge.  If it’s easy to do, it’s easy not to do…I MUST read this again!!  Do you know it?

Are you on a journey of some sort?  I’d love to follow you!  My plan is to share my journey as a healthy living lady trying to find my healthy, happy weight,  I have some health challenges so my journey is a bit strained.  I workout when I feel good and I rest when I’m not.  I shouldn’t push it too far, my doctors remind me that what goes up must come down and that every action has a reaction. (A little pushing it doesn’t hurt though)