Failing at blogging and My Journey

I just got a notification that it was my 1st blogging anniversary….I have 27 followers, so that’s awesome!

That being said…I’m struggling!!!  I have no idea what to do to get more people to cheer me on in my journey.  My journey is that of getting fitness and clean eating to be just part of me; for it to be my lifestyle.…in addition to that I have about 50 pounds to lose.   Poor choices and medication have landed me in this boat, so now it’s up to me and only me to fix it.  Lastly in my journey are my health challenges…I have chronic, severe migraines and I have Bipolar Disorder.  This balancing act keep me challenged all the time.  I’m building my business, hitting the gym, eating clean, and trying to figure out blogging…oh and best of all I am happy in my relationship with My Love!!

So what do I need to do?  More pictures? Recipes? I think I may have to consult YouTube…it has everything right? 🙂

So on other topics, I have my favorite Ladies Night of the month tonight!  A little networking, a little martini, repeat 🙂  I have a few friends that go and we all chat and make connections to catch up with after the event.  It’s the best way I have to build my business since I do not have a “real job” or school aged kids.  Tonight the Diva drink of the night is My Love’s 2 companies: Top Shelf Mixers and Snova Vodka!!!  Martinis!!!

My Love is also working out his final shifts at the stupid casino…4 more!!!

We will be road tripping to Michigan for Christmas…we couldn’t be happier!  My Love has missed Christmases with his family for the past 8 years…not this year!!!


So…I’m restating my goals for my blog and my life…I know, it’s not January yet.  I’m starting to dig in and give it hell for the rest of the month…start the new year already in the groove.  Why not right?  I’m spreading seeds for my business, eating better, hitting the gym and recommitting to my blog lovers…leave me a comment, like it, follow me…I like it all!  Thanks friends!!


Happy Sunday night!

So another weekend has come to an end and My Love is back at work.  I’m about to fill up my week with healthy food choices, cardio and weight training, networking meetings and business exposures.  Not to mention some shopping…I love me some bargain shopping 🙂  Coupons are fun!!!

I’m pleased to report that I finally made it back to the actual gym, not our fitness room here at our apartment complex.  It was AWESOME!  I missed it more than I even realized.  I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes just getting through the week is a huge accomplishment.  My health challenges are a little more of an issue than I thought I guess.  Once you’re feeling super good you realize that you were not so good as you first thought.

My Love and I had an amazing weekend as usual.  Yesterday was a fundraiser party for children’s charities.  What a great party it was once again!  A couple of My Love’s products were sponsors of the event.  It was a great celebration!  Lots of silent auction items, and lots of money raised for Denver’s children in need.

I’m trying to figure out what I’d have to write about to get more readers…I think that the past 2 posts I’ve gotten no love on.  I still want to be true to my journey and what I want to do.  I want to be accountable with my workouts and healthy eating.  I want to make sure I’m keeping myself in check with my feelings and try to figure out how to be my best me.  I’m reading personal development books to be my best business self.  I follow healthy living blogs to get ideas for my fit life 🙂

Side note: I’ve started to make vanilla protein, frozen strawberries, banana coconut water smoothies and I’m hooked!  It’s incentive to go kick my butt in the gym!!

More jalapeño pepper problems…

So it’s a summer rain down pour here in CO.  My Love is out networking for one of his businesses.  I am not doing a whole lot.  I’m pretty much useless today due to my migraine hang over.  The day after a LONG bout with a miserable, 3 day long migraine I’m dumb.  I’m more forgetful than usual.  I’m more clumsy than usual.  I’m rendered stupid for hopefully only one day.

One thing I DID do is hit up the grocery store to get things for UnCivilized Caveman’s Jalapeño Dijon Chicken.  It is THE BOMB DOT COM!!!!!!!!!!  If you want something delicious, find him on FaceBook.  Amazing recipes that are Paleo!!  So there’s 4 jalapeños diced in the marinade.  I know to be careful when cutting and cleaning the peppers but geez, I was not expecting to be wheezing, eyes burning, coughing, and sneezing…that is a bit much!  I’m still a rookie sometimes in the kitchen.  And on a dumb day.  

I haven’t worked out much this past week with all of this migraine nonsense.  I’m hoping the next upcoming week will be more productive.  It’s also a Date Day Week!!!  Good stuff all around!  Sunday My Love is off so we can go to a friend’s wedding.  Then only 2 shifts at the casino then we’re off: Michigan to see the family!  So exciting, a getaway is exactly what we need!  

In other exciting news, I’m up to 21 followers!!!

 Thanks you so much!!  I’m a bad ass, I know!  Next I’m going to try to figure out how to get my people to comment…

Super Saturday

I hope all of my readers are enjoying their weekend!

Great news, I now have 15 followers…I’ll brag about it!!!  Thank you, I love you all!

I’ve been having a great week!  I’ve worked out 3 times, each time beating my previous workout!  For the first time in a VERY long time I did 30 minutes on the elliptical!! My Love is having his 1st week back too.  He has gotten in 4 days!

I’ve been networking my butt off!!  Building my and My Love’s empire!!!  Lots of ladies events and coffee dates.  Barnes and Noble is my new “office”.  We’ve been somewhat good with our eating and drinking.  Anyone have any good skinny drink recipes?  Our diet is better during the work week.  It’s easier to eat good if it’s all packed up for you.  I’m going to get it together and plan more meals for more of the week.  Therefore we’ll have to eat the clean meals!  I need to start eating a true breakfast.  I was loving oatmeal and berries for a while…or a protein smoothie.  What do you have for breakfast?  

There’s no date day today, but I’m certainly looking forward to it next Saturday.  Hell, I’m looking forward to Wednesday.  My Love will have his off from the casino days, and those are my favorite days!

So, we’re doing the business, and the fitness and the working out….We are Winning the Day!!

Is anyone planning summer travel?  


She said “It’s all about the title” So what will this get me?

Firstly I am having so much fun lately!!  I’m going to networking events to make friends and build my network while building my net worth.  Ha it’s funny like a rhyme 🙂  My Love and I had 4 days of fun together while he was off of his full time job.  He still worked from home but just having him around makes me smile!!  We worked out a couple days and hung out a couple days.  I went to a brunch today and it was nice(mimosas!).  I admitted that I have a blog (it’s okay they’re strangers).  I’m not too sure why I’m hiding it…I think because I’m too honest about my ailments and I lie right to people’s faces about how I am.  As much as I don’t like to admit it, I DO care what people think of me.  Annoying right?  It’s none of my business how my family and friends think of me.  I appreciate them in front of me, behind my back is not of my concern.  

It’s getting close to my birthday!!  February 24!!  Holy moley!  I’m excited for my hair appointment…the hair is out of control…I’ve been neglecting it.  Bad Bad cosmetologist!!

I just spent an hour watching 2 videos by Maria Forleo and the woman is a genius.  If you want to sell something it’s not about what you have, it’s how you position and sell it.  So since I’m looking to sign up travel club members and build the business in the process.  So I’ll tell you that I have the way to get you on the vacation you ABSOLUTELY NEED!!!  When you tell me you have to work, I’ll follow up with I have a way that you can get out of your life sucking job…taking vacations with your family and friends.  The cost of the travel club is less than you’ll save on your first vacation.  Awesome right?!  Let’s do it!!  I’d love to tell you all more, but no spam!  I’m being honest, Maria Forleo is PRETTY SMART!!  What do you all sell or do to build your fortunes?