New jobby job

Good afternoon my Lovelies!

I have been a little bit absent lately and I have no reason.  Maybe I just didn’t have anything to report…I don’t know.

Yesterday I started my NEW job!  I’m a Consierge at a high end nail salon.  It’s right up my alley.  It’s a salon, it’s nails and I have to talk to people.  My chatty self is definitely in the right spot. 🙂 Also…me and nails?!  HEAVEN!

Today is day 2, wish me luck!

So on another front: my birth control just costed $108.00!?!?!?!?!  What the hell!?  Some nonsense about deductibles as part of the new 2015 rules.  I only have to hit a $200.00 deductible…well my meds are more than that a month so I’ll that by the end of the month…talk about a giant surprise.  Annoying! Good thing I have a new job…my goodness…..

In our kitchen we’ve been making a lot of new recipes.  We made zucchini noodles, zoodles!  Marinara and a few turkey meatballs…yummmmmm! We’ve been doing a lot of Paleo recipes not on purpose, just happening.  I think because I’m loving and 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Dad has been gone over a year now.  I’m hoping that it’s true that the first year is the worst because it was shitty.  I felt like garbage when I got my job and couldn’t call to tell him.  My first day of work and I thought to call him then that kick in the stomach returned …I can’t call.  I’m not gonna lie I was far from a consistent daughter.  I called less and less as he got sicker because we couldn’t have a traditional conversation.  I’d make a mental list of questions to ask and things to report.  I’d talk and I’d get a one word answer.  I’d happily settle for that kind of call now. ❤

I hope you all have a super week!!! ❤ Chrissi


I must be having a case of the Mondays

In my previous life I had a cube job and I absolutely hated it with a passion and there’d always be some idiot cracking Monday cliches…yeah I didn’t fit there at all. Network marketing is very me! Talking to people as your job?! Sign me up!!!
So anyway, I’ve been super busy all day and I’m just getting home and settled. My Love just came in to only to find me sitting on the floor crying and little Miss Bailey in her crate. Fun! Oh my poor poor Love 😃
It took a big giant hug and a smooch or 5 on my head for me to stop crying. It’ll get easier he said, and I believe him. There is no doubt in my mind that it was not Bailey that made me cry….BUT she was, as they say, the straw that broke the camel’s back. Only God knows the cocktail of events that caused the breakdown…but I just went with it. Crying can be quite cleansing. That’s what I’m hoping for.


That’s my demon dog looking all cute 💜


That’s the Coldstone Creamery Oreo ice cream cake that My Love got so we could “celebrate” my Dad’s birthday. I am so very thankful for My Love that he’s so understanding and awesome with me!! I can cry or laugh or be crazy and he’s always supportive and I would be lost without him!! 💜💜💜


A great picture from our Mt Falcon hike 😃 We’re going to try and make hiking part of our fitness routine. We live in an absolutely gorgeous place, why not take advantage? Get some of pup’s energy out 😃

We did a pact so we’re more accountable. 4 workouts a week and clean eating 75% of the time. So the pact is good until the last day of September, then we’ll reassess and make another!!

So now I’m relaxed a bit and that little pain in my butt is getting out of her crate. Ahhhh the fun of an emotional chick playing Puppy Mom 😃 She’s worth it!

What are your goals this week? I did yoga this morning! Zumba tomorrow!! I actually blocked the time out of my schedule for the whole 4 days! Boom, fitness goals done! Yeah let’s see how this goes 😃
Kick butt everyone!!!

Getting the ball rolling

So things have been busy busy busy lately. 2014 is turning out pretty fun!!
Let’s start of with my surprise birthday trip to Florida!! My Love is the GREATEST!!! We went and relaxed, hit the beach and went to Red Sox Spring Training!! So much fun!!! What a needed unplug!!
Up next is the concert we went to yesterday! We went to a great lunch spot!! Gravity 1020 in Fort Collins. You need to go there!! Talk to Tom in the bar!! They have Snova Vodka!!!
After lunch we headed to Loveland CO for the concert at the Budweiser event center 🙂
David Nail was incredible! I wish he was on longer! The Eli Young Band was great too!! Then Darius Rucker tore it up! What a truly great concert!!! THANK YOU MY LOVE!!!

On other fronts, My Love is doing T25 and started last week. He’s killing it!! I’m getting back into it too. So far I’m down .6 pounds and 6.75″ that’s a lit of inches :). We are in a challenge with his friend for percentage of weight lost. 😃

Next up is our trip to Boston for our niece’s 1st Birthday!!! I can’t wait!!!

Are any of my 27 readers in Network Marketing? I am and I just finished The Flip Flop CEO and it was a great and quick read. It shows how much the industry has evolved in 30 years and how it’s not perfect, it’s just better than trading time for money and missing the important stuff in your life. You should definitely check it out!!


Well…when your life hands you lemons…isn’t that what they say?

This month has been less than stellar but I’m not going to let it ruin my year. I’m an optimistic person and I know that all of this nonsense is a lesson, a chance to grow and be a better me. I’ll take it!!
The nonsense has been illness and the death of my Dad. Also I’m trying to keep my goals in mind, although truth be told, at this time I couldn’t care LESS about my years’ goals. I still want to get to my goal weight, build a banging body and be a Senior Rep in WV. My bummed out self is sad as hell that my Dad is gone.
We did see him 3 out of the 5 days we visited in November and for that I will be eternally grateful. However, Dad and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. I am my mother’s mini. I’m exactly like her and with Dad that was a problem. I’m always on Team Mom and haven’t always been the nicest person about it. I was judgemental, opinionated and sometimes just plain old mean. I had a better outlook on our relationship once I found out that my Dad had Huntington’s Disease. I instantly felt like a piece of trash for treating him like an a$$hole when he was sick. What a prize I am. Once we knew he was sick I was a much better daughter and support source. We built a relationship that was better than it ever was, although he was deteriorating physically and functionally. I would almost always cry leaving his house, knowing he wasn’t the same old Dad anymore. He was forgetful, and frustrated and lacked balance. He was fidgety and couldn’t sit still. It was frustrating for him and sad for me and my Sister. We loved him unconditionally and I’m sure of that.
None of us were expecting my Dad to pass away, he was only 58. He was in the hospital since October with congestive heart failure. Complications from the HD in addition to the 10% function of his heart made it impossible for him to get better.

Now I’m home in Denver and trying to get back to whatever the hell my new “normal” will be. Missing Dad will forever will be part of my life now, forever. My bummed out self is present but absent…thinking of seven thousand other things than the tasks at hand. I’m hoping to stay on top of things so that I don’t have to worry about my mental health’s health. My sleep has been off, my schedule has been off…I’m hoping to get some motivation soon, this sucks!

It was suggested by My Love that I should take it easy for a few days to try to get back on track. Today I think I’ll just veg out and tomorrow I’ll try to hit the gym…I think I may just have to set it as a reminder in my phone…otherwise I’ll just keep putting it off. After all, I do have big plans for this year. I think I’ll just try to make Dad proud, well and me proud too 🙂 Also I’m hoping to keep eating clean and make some meal plans and prep for a few days. Thinking about what’s for dinner everyday isn’t on my list of things to do. The girls and I have plans to get together every couple weeks or month…so we don’t all get overwhelmed by life. It does have a tendency to get away from us…life that is! So I guess all that’s left to do is just take it easy, and get ready to get back at it tomorrow.

Oh and by the way: My Love is the greatest of the great!! He is my rock and every day I’m more and more thankful and more and more in love with him. Every day I wake up next to him, and every day I smile…THANK YOU MY LOVE!!!!