And I’m a still a failing blogger

I have been having so much fun lately! Traveling a lot is on the calendar for the year. My Love has been doing a significant amount of traveling this past month. I think he’s been home 1 night in the past 3 weeks and he still isn’t coming home for a week. I’m lucky enough to get to fly to Vegas Monday to meet him there for his birthday!! I’m really looking forward to it!!

I’ve been consistently using My Fitness Pal to log all foods I’ve eating for the past few months. Now that I’m consistent with it I want to take it to the next level and take down the calories for the day. I won’t lose much at all if I stay with what I do now. I’m so excited to do our next AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge on Monday April 14!!! Boy do we need a fresh start. I have a lot of networking friends that do AdvoCare as well and they’re starting on this Monday. We just wouldn’t cleanse in Las Vegas, let’s be honest!

I’m missing my Dad a lot this past week. Sister and I had to go through and separate all of Dad’s things when I was in Boston for my little Chicken’s 1st birthday. We donated all that we could. He had a bunch of knife collections that were expected, but he also had some other collections that were complete surprises. Dad is so random! Luckily Sister has people at work that would love to have them. I’m not someone who could appreciate them unfortunately. It would’ve been ideal to take pictures of everything and sell them on EBay but we know less than nothing about all of those things so selling them to someone she knows was a comfort to me. I’m not trying to make money on my Dad’s passing, I just want his things to be cared for 😃

Going to try to be super productive today and clean up the house so we will come home to a clean house 😃

Day 3 of headaches, BOOOOOO!!! I’m loving the Botox for migraines!!! All of my headaches are accounted for, except the hormonal one I get every month. I stay hydrated, take vitamins, take allergy pills every day and go see my Neurologist every 3 months for the Botox. It’s has literally given me back my life!!!

I’m not looking forward to it but I’m ready to do measurements and weigh in for this challenge. We need a good swift kick in the booty!!!

Two days until Vegas!!! I can’t wait to see My Love!!! I’m such a dork!