I must be having a case of the Mondays

In my previous life I had a cube job and I absolutely hated it with a passion and there’d always be some idiot cracking Monday cliches…yeah I didn’t fit there at all. Network marketing is very me! Talking to people as your job?! Sign me up!!!
So anyway, I’ve been super busy all day and I’m just getting home and settled. My Love just came in to only to find me sitting on the floor crying and little Miss Bailey in her crate. Fun! Oh my poor poor Love 😃
It took a big giant hug and a smooch or 5 on my head for me to stop crying. It’ll get easier he said, and I believe him. There is no doubt in my mind that it was not Bailey that made me cry….BUT she was, as they say, the straw that broke the camel’s back. Only God knows the cocktail of events that caused the breakdown…but I just went with it. Crying can be quite cleansing. That’s what I’m hoping for.


That’s my demon dog looking all cute 💜


That’s the Coldstone Creamery Oreo ice cream cake that My Love got so we could “celebrate” my Dad’s birthday. I am so very thankful for My Love that he’s so understanding and awesome with me!! I can cry or laugh or be crazy and he’s always supportive and I would be lost without him!! 💜💜💜


A great picture from our Mt Falcon hike 😃 We’re going to try and make hiking part of our fitness routine. We live in an absolutely gorgeous place, why not take advantage? Get some of pup’s energy out 😃

We did a pact so we’re more accountable. 4 workouts a week and clean eating 75% of the time. So the pact is good until the last day of September, then we’ll reassess and make another!!

So now I’m relaxed a bit and that little pain in my butt is getting out of her crate. Ahhhh the fun of an emotional chick playing Puppy Mom 😃 She’s worth it!

What are your goals this week? I did yoga this morning! Zumba tomorrow!! I actually blocked the time out of my schedule for the whole 4 days! Boom, fitness goals done! Yeah let’s see how this goes 😃
Kick butt everyone!!!