I’m back

Good afternoon peeps!!

So I’ve been away for a few days, it seems I’ve been fighting a round with life. I had that awful skin thing and now I’ve had a migraine for 2 weeks. I think I may have pissed someone off. 😁 I’ve been back and forth with my Primary Care docs a bunch. I’ve gotten a shot that tripled my pain. I’ve been to Urgent Care and had an IV of some migraine solution that helped at the time. Once that Bad Larry wore off I was back worse. I’ve been in to a rushed Neurologist consult. I’m on the fast track to get back with my Botox treatment that I KNOW works.

I’m feeling human again today and ready to face the world (with sunglasses, I still am super light sensitive). I’m out having lunch with My Love but still taking it easy. Between my regular meds and the extras now I’m a bit off for sure. My vision is fuzzy. It’ll all work out just fine, BUT I did not succeed at doing 31 in 31. 👎🏼

We are home from lunch and a little shopping. I feel like I ran or something. Pooped for sure!

Dinner at My Loves cousins. Should be pretty low key I hope. ☺️

Have a great night my peeps! ☺️


Good afternoon!!!

I know, I know it’s Monday blah blah…


I was cursed for about a month of Monday’s but I’m over it!  I have my workweek staring me in the face…oh NOOOO!!  Yeah right, I’m so very fortunate to have a fun job.  I love the ladies!!  We do have fun while getting work done.  They are quite talented and all of the clients leave happy.

Also I’m still on my Weight Watchers high from Thursday since I lost 4.4 pounds!  We are eating super super clean so I have no eaters regret from the weekend 🙂

We did a bunch of shopping for proteins, fruit and veggies.  All clean eating supplies.  If you don’t buy crap you wont eat crap.  Sometimes it is just that easy, others I’ll get whiplash from running to the phone for delivery.  I’ll take this as a win 🙂 🙂  All prepped for the week!!!  WIN!!

My Bipolar nonsense has been behaving for the most part.  I had to add more meds which is maddening!!!  People aren’t supposed to do this.  I HATE having Bipolar Disorder.  I sleep too much, I gain too much, I have a special schedule that I can’t mess with.  I feel guilty, I feel inadequate, I feel like I’m high maintenance.  I look like I’m mad, but that is the Botox for my migraines and the zone that my meds have me in a little.  Oh boy!!!

Bonuses to being Bipolar: I’m more understanding of others.  I feel everything so much.  I sleep a lot (sometimes it’s a win).  Yeah that’s it 😉

So today I have attached some randoms from the week 🙂

This is what I wanna get back to.

This is what I wanna get back to.

Come on...I need this! Bad ass!!

Come on…I need this!
Bad ass!!

This is our favorite chicken recipe.  Jalapeno dijon thighs!

This is our favorite chicken recipe. Jalapeno dijon thighs!

This just resonated with me...good words for a Monday :)

This just resonated with me…good words for a Monday 🙂

Poor poor baby girl had to get spayed last week.   Poor Bailey!! <3 <3 <3

Poor poor baby girl had to get spayed last week. Poor Bailey!!