I’m at war with clutter at home…I think I’m losing


I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!!  We definitely did!!!

We had dinner plans with a friend of mine and her hubby Saturday night.  We requested that the place have a patio and it did with an extra added bonus of some live music!  Score!  We didn’t talk about work or stress, just lots of laughs and great company!  We said that we’d get together next month and I’m making sure that we make plans!!  Next thing you know, a year’s gone by…time flies like that.

Sunday we had a super chill day and just let the relaxation happen.  We truly enjoyed the day and it was well needed!!!  

So I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of all of this clutter…yeah it’s magazines and papers…and being a networker…damn business cards!  Luckily I have a better online store to shop with so the coupons are all gone!  However, the magazines still remain.  I’m still working on my Dream board with all of the magazines I have to go through.  Goal #8 (the others are coming).  Anyway, I’m trying to do it as I go, just always have something in my hands to throw out.  I’ve gone though the pile on the coffee table, however it may have just moved to the arm of the couch…damn my hoarding tendencies. (Thanks Nana)

As far as my week….my health is cooperating so that is a big plus!  I only had a couple of workouts and our eating was pretty good so I’m happy with all of that.  This week I’m hitting it hard with my goals and I’m determined to get some awesome losses on the scale!  Sometimes you’re the one being led and sometimes you’re doing the leading in any relationship.  This is also true of My Love and I’s fitness routine.  Sometimes he’s the bad ass one and sometimes I’m the one doing the nudging.  Today starts my not so gentle prodding toward the fitness room. 🙂  We have goals and wants on the scale and in the jeans.  I say this after my first workout of the week is under my belt. ❤   I’m scheduling in my workouts so they are part of my daily To-Do’s.  It’s easier to accomplish because I have classes that I’m taking.  On yoga days I’d love to potentially get in some cardio with My Love…let’s see how that plays out.  How do you all do your workouts? My Bestie will get up before work at like 5AM…please believe that you will NEVER see me get up at 5 AM for anything unless it’s a flight.  She does have a house full of 3 boys, a big dumb dog (Sorry Ted) and a hubby.  She gets her alone time in with her workout.  To anyone who does this: YOU’RE AWESOME! Now me on the other hand…I’m doing good to get there for 10:30 🙂   I’m improving, it was 1:00PM 🙂

I proclaimed my goals for the week on Facebook so I’ll just proclaim them again:

1.Workout 4X

2. Eat clean 80% of the time

3. Read at least 3 days

4. 3 Networking events

5. Make calls 3 days

6. Audio books 3 days

Those are some big goals…do people in general not set goals because they’re a call to action?  Maybe they’re not into disappointment when they’re not achieved? I like them so I reach high…even if I miss one at least I’m a whole bunch closer than I would’ve been if I just coasted….my just go with the flow doesn’t get too much accomplished…that’s why I make goals. 🙂

I feel guilty that I don’t have any pictures for you this week…the puppy is getting bigger by the minute.  She’s 11 weeks 🙂

I’ll do photo worthy things this week…make that goal #7 ❤



This has been the week of the Cha-Cha

Isn't she cute?

Isn’t she cute?

She's a snuggler :)

She’s a snuggler 🙂

She loves to play!

She loves to play!

This past week has been absolutely fantastic!!!  Remember all of those goals I set for last week…..welllll they didn’t play out quite the way I had planned.  That new addition who is tiny and furry and Bailey….yup she put the kabosh on almost all of my plans.  She’s needy and a biter, and takes up quite a lot of time…..BUT, that being said, I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  There definitely needs to be some adjustment on our part as well as hers.  She is a rescue and she is a puppy, a young puppy.  We think we have been doing so well with her but as soon as you kind of have a rhythm with her with going out and conducting her business, she’ll pee in the kitchen.  All is going well…there’s a wet spot on the carpet…DAMNIT!  We do have a 3 day strong record going for no number 2’s in the house.  Hopefully we’ll be much further next week. 🙂

Miss Bailey is sweet, loving, adorable and cute as hell. 🙂  She’s growing very fast and eats a lot!  We have a very different life now with her around.  I turned into a weird dog person basically as soon as I saw her picture.  She’s an expensive little furball but she’s worth it.  We are over the moon about her, and it’ll only get worse!!

Anyway, enough of the furball talk.  This past week ended up being a dud, EXCEPT we ate super clean since we were on a cleanse so that’s a big plus!  I’m down 12 pounds since April and My Love’s down 20!!!  We’re kicking serious booty!!  I just stocked us up on clean proteins and a bunch of lettuce from Costco so now all we have to do is defrost and pick up produce….BOOM!  Shrimp, salmon, chicken and some bacon wrapped sirloins (for the weekend 🙂 )  Sounds like a great couple weeks of clean eating!!! If you only have healthy food in the house, you’ll eat healthy food!! GO US!!

So I’ve finally gotten okay with my super slow pace with my weight loss…patience has finally kicked in.  I’m more at peace with a half a pound losses since they are indeed still a loss.  My health challenges do make me have to work harder and more often but now that my thyroid medication seems to be on point I’m getting a little bit of a break.  YAY!!!

We went to the Sara Bareilles concert at the Denver Botanical Gardens… AMAZING!!

Sara Bareilles concert was SO GOOD!!!  I was like a little kid, so exciting!!!  Gorgeous day, perfect weather for an outside venue!!

Sara Bareilles concert was SO GOOD!!! I was like a little kid, so exciting!!! Gorgeous day, perfect weather for an outside venue!!

Business has been a little slow so I’m picking up the pace for the month.  See what I can do to make Director this month!  Also I NEED TO GET READING!!!  I had a bad headache last week so I couldn’t work out or read…damn those things!!!  Did I tell you how thankful I have been for my Botox treatments?  They are amazing!  I’ll only get 3-5 migraine days a month as opposed to my 20-25 days a month like before…if you have a lot of headaches ask me anything, I’m always happy to share!  I had a BiPolar free week!  

Goals for the week: Workout 4 times at least, read at least 4 days this week, 2 blog posts( 1 is done, CHECK), clean a room a day all week, declutter and file, 3 appointments at least, calls on 4 days…..and I’ll keep my eyes out for bargains on house goods (I’m looking to upgrade the bedroom).