Am I coming back?

Good afternoon my gorgeous readers!!!

I’m feeling like a real person today!

So it’s been a while since I’ve felt good…but I’m feeling a bit better the past day and a half or so.  We pumped up one of the new prescriptions and it seems to be overriding my funk!!!  I’m not expecting a miracle back to 100% but I’ll happily take 80% over 10% that I’ve been at.

I love and I do a lot of networking and that’s how I find my groups….so I found one for BiPolar Disorder people.  I joined the group and they meet every Monday night…I’ve chickened out for the past 3 weeks. 😦  I get nervous.  I’ll try it again next week.

My Bailey is at her “day care” for another hour and a half.  That’s how I’m able to write chaos free!!  I also made appointments, ate…I’m having a quiet day.

My posts have been all blah blah blah and negativity but I wanted to share some good news!  I am coming back!  Little by little, bit by bit.  No more misery!!! Hopefully my optimism and happiness will stick!!!  Fingers crossed!