Bruins are on!!!

Welcome back hockey!!!
I am quite pleased to hear hockey at my house. 😃 It’s odd to not have October baseball. Thanks for a great season Boston!! I’m loving the Patriots so far!! Bring in the hockey!!!

I’ve been quite lost today. I’ve been all out of whack with my Bipolar Disorder recently. I feel like I’m on auto-pilot for a blah day. I’m recovering. 😃

Traveling really poops me out! It is compounded by the go go go go theme of our visit…same old same old right!? Family time, wedding, apple picking, bestie night, seeing my Gram at her nursing home and my Dad’s plaque…exhaustion that is both physical and mental.

Something happened before we went to Boston that’s resonated with me. I saw an article on Facebook I think, and it was a woman who blogs for herself about Huntington’s Disease. It helps her to know other people are out there who are feeling what she feels and hurts in very similar ways to her. That’s what I want with my blog. I want people to read my blog and be relieved to know that they’re NOT alone.

I just lost my Dad to HD in January…I know the pain. I’ve been watching my Gram deteriorate for the past almost 20 years. I know what it’s like to see my Dad shake and slur and think I’m my Sister.

I feel like I’ve been fundraising for HD forever. It’s a part of who I am and part of my faith in a cure. I pray for a cure, I pray for treatments, I pray that no one else will have to feel like this anymore.

So I’m broadening my horizons for my blog. Mental health issues and Huntington’s Disease are where I’ll reside. 😃 They go hand in hand a lot for me. I’ve been talking about myself a lot and I apologize, however, it’s good for me to make it known.

I want to be your go to girl to get a hug and an understanding squeeze from. We can be there going through it together. We got this!!

So, are you going through it too?




Cluster _uck…Anxiety through the roof…I NEED some patience

SO just when I think I’m doing well with handling things that are outside my control, God has other plans to test me; I failed.

If you follow me at all you know that my Dad is ill.  It’s not something that will go away, and it’s to the point that we should be looking into somewhere where he can move to, to be cared for.  In the mean time he lives with his siblings.  My sister is running herself ragged with errands and assistance since my uncle needs some surgery on his arm, elbow and wrist.  I’m 2000 miles away and it is a blessing and a curse.  I’d love to take the weight off of my sister…she has 2 little angels and I don’t.  She should be taking care of them, not running back and forth the 45 minute drive from her house to my Dad’s.

I can call them for take out orders and that kind of stuff….other than that, I’m helpless.  It’s just so crazy…I’m 35 and this has been going on for some time now…we’re too young for this…

Usually I can brush it all off, but today I cannot.  Everyone has an off day.  This week has been weird.  Time for some reflection and some practicing patience.  My chest is tight and I can’t seem to catch my breath.  This is exactly what this blog is for…to let me vent over my Subway club and Diet Coke.  Unfortunately I chose to eat over working out…oops.  Maybe I can just double up tomorrow.

I’ve been being mainly good since working with My Love’s sister, our Health Coach.  We go out to eat once a week and we eat clean 70-80% of the time.  I’m okay with that.  I’ve been consistently working out 3 days a week.  I’m still trying to up it to 4 times a week consistently.  This week I will do it!

I will also say that I LOVE this time of year: Red Sox post season, Patriots football…AND Bruins now too!!!  I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

Boston Strong!!!  (I ordered a bracelet that has a portion go to the One Fund) 

So…my chatter box, unbalanced self goes to my first yoga class

I was nervous for sure.  I didn’t think I was yoga material.  I was envisioning awful outcomes, hoping they would not become my one hour of reality.  I am a self proclaimed Sweaty Betty and hot yoga is a bad idea.  Luckily the heat wasn’t quite up to par so it was “only” 85 in there.  I was sweating just from being in there.  I was the oldest person in the class.  The yoga instructor was super sweet, very welcoming, and lead a great class (well in my opinion anyway).  The class was filled with 20, early 20 somethings who were all in perfect condition and ultra flexible.  Well let’s just say, I’m not. It was fun, and I shall return next Monday as well.

On other fronts, I seem to have a new, small obsession with the Powell Pack.  Chris and Heidi Powell are so successful, positive, smart and happy.  They’re partners in business as well as life.  They’re also experts on nutrition and fitness.  Now the latter part of that is where I have the trouble.  That’s why I headed to Barnes & Noble with 7  minutes until close.  I HAD to get his new book Choose More, Lose More for Life.  I read it until I fell asleep last night.   I’m about to crack it open again tonight.   

Today is My Love’s Friday!  He’ll get home in the morning at 5:30 and is off for 4 days!  We are excited because we get to watch the Bruins get closer to the Stanley Cup!

We’ve been juicing just under a week now.  There’s no question that green juices are awesome.  They’re a nutritional power house and they’re delicious.  That being said, there’s a small part of me that says they’re a pain in the ass.  Just being honest.  I’m hungry every 2 hours.  It’s all super clean calories and awesome juice for us.  I’m going to do it regardless, but it’s not a take and go kind of drink.  My Love’s had to take them to work this week and they just don’t look good after a half hour.  The whole point is to get super fresh fruit and veggies.  The next 4 days will be super fresh juice for both of us.

Do you juice?  Do you like hockey? Do you have a blog?