Gotta love me some FRI💜YAY 😊

A busy day of the week this week.😊

I’m pretty stoked today since after I work today and tomorrow I have 3 days off in a row!!!!! 😁😁😁😁 I’m gonna try so very hard to do nothing at all. 😆 I’m physically burned out. My Bipolar Disorder, which is a full body disorder, tells me that I’m pooped!!! I’m looking like a cute tanned zombie!! 😜😜😜😜😜

Dr Michelle says I need rest and a lot of self care with it. So I’m gonna do some Kindle reading, some yoga, some hood walking with my lil family and daydream of spring. 🌞🌻🌱🌸🌼🌷 

We now have our tickets to Boston for May 4-9 and me and WW are in full effect!! Had a great couple weeks and I’m looking forward to 5 more till Boston!! Track track track it all!! Water till you burst!! 

This is the 30 minute chicken noodle soup I made while My Love was traveling. So good!! 🍲🍜

My Love goes on the road again next week. Looks like I’ll have to find another batch cook recipe so I won’t have to cook for 1. Hello Pinterest!!

Until we meet again have a great weekend!! See all you peeps next week!! 

I wanna be here for you 💜

So I’ve been thinking about how to put what’s in my head here and do myself and others justice. I’m thinking about how I started this blog to get shit out of my head. I am a VERY unique person with a lot of things going for me. That being said I struggle a lot with a laundry list of things it seems sometimes BUT those things help me connect with my peeps. 

Do you have anxiety? I’m here for you.

Do you have Bipolar Disorder? I’m here for you. 

Do you have depression? I’m here for you.

Do you have migraines? I’m here for you. 

Are you overweight? I’m here for you. 

Are you gene positive for Huntington’s Disease? I’m here for you. 

Are you on disability? I’m here for you. 

Do you see what I’m saying? I’m here for you. 💜💜💜💜

So whether 1 person identifies with this or 1 million…..I’m here for you. Sometimes you just feel like you’re alone and you’re not. I’m here for you. 

I try to do the right thing all the time but you just can’t. I’m doing Weight Watchers to get me a bit lighter. 😉 I log all my food I get excercise in. Then you continue and be patient. I am NOT good at that part. I read an amazing book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. The cliff notes version is everyone operates on a baseline. The choices you make in your day either help you or hurt you. You order the salad your lines goes up positively. You order the quarter pounder with cheese your line goes into the negative. Over time your pluses take you sky high and your negatives take you into the ground. Bottom line is keep doing the positive stuff and you’ll get to your goals quicker than if you stray. I try to live by this. But we all stray, for we are human. But I’m here for you. We can’t do it all but we sure try ☺️💜

I love you all and I’m not kidding, I’m here for you. I’ll stay up with you, any time 💜

Hump Day Wednesday

Good afternoon my faithful followers!!!

I’m so excited to report that my blog will be changing it up soon!  I want to grow into a big girl blog instead of a wanna be blogger.😃 I’m working with a WordPress guru who’s helping me to improve it all 😃 YAY!!

My Love and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this weekend!!! We will be headed to Oklahoma to see David Nail again 😃 It’s going to be great to just take a time out for a couple days.


It has been a terrible terrible week. We have had a tragic loss in our family.  It’s been a shell shock feeling all week long.  I will miss you always cousin.  I’ll miss your hugs for sure!  Mental health issues are no joke.  You all know what I share about my struggles and that’s only the tip of the ice berg as they say.  My cousin had some demons inside and is now free on the other side.  Love you cousin!!! 💜

Weight Watchers is still going well.  I hadn’t been eating enough so I only lost .2 lb.  I’m hoping for more this week.

I’m hoping to get week 2 done for Couch 2 5K. I kind of enjoy it.  I want to be able to run with Bailey 😃 At this point it’s all a far off dream 😃

I hope you all have a great rest of your week as well as your weekend!! Until next time….

Chrissi 💜💜

As usual a few random pics of my week 😃

Bailey in a cone, a chewed up cone

A trip to Penzeys Spice Shop

Iced coffee at work

While getting the pictures for the collage, a gem of my Dad and Grampy 💜

We are trying to do some budgeting to see where we can tighten the wallet straps 💜

See you next time 💜

Am I coming back?

Good afternoon my gorgeous readers!!!

I’m feeling like a real person today!

So it’s been a while since I’ve felt good…but I’m feeling a bit better the past day and a half or so.  We pumped up one of the new prescriptions and it seems to be overriding my funk!!!  I’m not expecting a miracle back to 100% but I’ll happily take 80% over 10% that I’ve been at.

I love and I do a lot of networking and that’s how I find my groups….so I found one for BiPolar Disorder people.  I joined the group and they meet every Monday night…I’ve chickened out for the past 3 weeks. 😦  I get nervous.  I’ll try it again next week.

My Bailey is at her “day care” for another hour and a half.  That’s how I’m able to write chaos free!!  I also made appointments, ate…I’m having a quiet day.

My posts have been all blah blah blah and negativity but I wanted to share some good news!  I am coming back!  Little by little, bit by bit.  No more misery!!! Hopefully my optimism and happiness will stick!!!  Fingers crossed!


I’m working on getting better…

So…in Denver it’s snowing for the second day in a row.  Miss Bailey had her first snow experience yesterday.  SHE LOVED IT!!!  That’s great except it’s freezing and she keeps wanting to go out.  I like snow so I don’t mind going, but twice an hour is a bit excessive. 🙂  I still do not want to own a winter coat so my hoodies are workin it!

I’m back to “work” this week…well today is my first day.  Networking get togethers: meeting people, exchanging information…following up.  Building relationships and hopefully gaining their trust…tricky anyway, but especially if I’m not able to carry on a complete conversation, keep eye contact or my favorite…shaky rambling that is blatant over speak…even for me! 🙂

I’ve been feeling alone in my Bipolar world so since I have weight to lose anyway I got back on  As per usual I invite you to add me if you’re on there: chrissipenney is my name 🙂  I love the groups and one is a local Denver one and I’m hoping to get a workout buddy out of it.  Or at least a weekend puppy meet up…something!

I’ve been struggling to keep anything consistent…the only thing that’s consistent is my less than stellar attitude.  I spend hundreds of dollars a month to be able to keep my cool…why does it work sometimes and not others?  A lot of days lately I think I should go to boxing  so I can get my rage out…I don’t think they have it at my gyms.

I feel like I am just not me…and I’m WAY over it!  Truth is I’m much better…but not quite right at all…these extra meds haven’t kicked the bad out like they were supposed to so I shall try to continue to be patient…yeah right, I wanna be fixed like last month!!!

Day 2 of super clean eating!!  Go us!  I want sushi! Not yet….

Here’s a few Bailey’s first snow 🙂  Have a great week  my super fab readers!!!

photo 1 What is this stuff? SHE LOVES IT!!!!!

The silver lining is showing

I’ve been better…

How are all of you, my awesome readers?

I’ve been banished to my house so as not to make a fool out of myself with poor behavior.  My filter isn’t functioning on all cylinders.  Also I look like I don’t feel good.   I’ve been in the dark place for a week and a half now and only today did I start to feel human again.  Last week I had to add 2 new medications into my repertoire but they didn’t seem to put a dent in my anger and dark cloud.  Yesterday I had to double both new ones and as today went on I started to feel human again.  Once I watched Ellen I was certainly better 🙂  I was banned from networking for 2 weeks as per doctor’s orders.  I’m getting a little antsy now that I’m feeling a little better.

I am back from getting my Bailey girl.  She has sooooooo much fun at “day care”.  She didn’t want to leave although she was very happy to see me. (Loved every second of the kisses)  I actually missed the little Princess.  I did truly enjoy my meals with her gone.  Food tastes better if you’re not pushing her off of you.  She’s so much better with that, unless you’re eating something really good smelling. 😉

So I’ve been trying to read more consistently.  I try everyday but I’m not able to process or see every day, I think it’s my medications.  To get around this I have an Audible account and listen to books.  I listen in the car generally.  I just started Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Success Think Like a Success.  I’m loving it so far!  My other book that I’m reading is Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles.  I’m super slow reading but I’m liking them so far!

I’m extremely self conscious about my Bipolar Disorder.  I feel like everyone’s judging me and thinking I don’t like them because I flake on things.  I’ll change my RSVP to things at the last minute.  I haven’t figured out how to say I’m in a mixed state and not having a good day.  I generally don’t give a reason because I don’t owe it to anyone, but I feel bad.  That’s my problem: I always feel bad.  Oh well, I’ll figure out something.  You know…that’s it: I’ll just tell them I’m not having a good day…problem solved!!!

I'm just feeling this right's true!

I’m just feeling this right now…it’s true!

Relaxation on the home front…liking it!

Happy Hump Day!

I’m having a Bailey free day.  That is how I’m able to actually get a post done. 🙂

I love her to pieces but she’s requiring a ton of attention that really needs to be spent getting things accomplished. So My Love being the awesome and amazing man that he is, offered to get Bailey into daycare one day a week.  This is amazing because now I can do my calls, maybe vacuum since she hates it, my opportunities are endless!  Also she LOVES Nancy and Mike at Bark at the World Petsitting.  That’s where she was for the week we went to Boston.  We saw her in pictures on Facebook already LOVING IT!!!

I have been in a rough patch with my lovely BPD.  It’s been flip flopping for almost 2 months now.  We had to add a couple of prescriptions until it breaks.  More prescriptions means more side effects…yippee dee do da…my ass.  I just feel so frustrated…Adding in new meds makes me feel like a puppet until it levels out.  Down in the dumps one day, flying high the next…it’s like playing the lottery.

Last week we went for a family road trip: My Love had some work to do in Durango, CO.  I decided to tag along with the pup.  Damn, it was GORGEOUS!  San Juan National Park is a bucket list type of gorgeous with the foliage and mountain views…man oh man…The Aspen trees, the pine trees, great view…and it just goes on forever!

I’ve been banned from networking since my filter is nonexistent and I’m in over talk overdrive.  It’s for the best. 🙂 So I’m relaxing, and watching Ellen in 2 minutes!!!

Puppy on the bed...nailed it! Bailey strikes!!! Gorgeous Aspen trees

I need a real camera to do that justice!

I need a real camera to do that justice!

I QUIT! BPD can go s#it in a hat!

I’m so annoyed and blah and miserable! I have an amazing life, great people in it, a beautiful fresh puppy and an absolutely awesome boyfriend! We have great plans this weekend, first of which is a David Nail concert tonight! Why in the hell am I so disconnected????? I feel needy and in need of a pep talk and a magic happy pill. Obviously the hundreds of dollars I spend a month on medications isn’t enough…
I’m not trying to complain or be the oh poor me annoying person HOWEVER my blog is where I’m me. Unfortunately lately, this IS me.
I am so very frustrated, that is all.

Bruins are on!!!

Welcome back hockey!!!
I am quite pleased to hear hockey at my house. 😃 It’s odd to not have October baseball. Thanks for a great season Boston!! I’m loving the Patriots so far!! Bring in the hockey!!!

I’ve been quite lost today. I’ve been all out of whack with my Bipolar Disorder recently. I feel like I’m on auto-pilot for a blah day. I’m recovering. 😃

Traveling really poops me out! It is compounded by the go go go go theme of our visit…same old same old right!? Family time, wedding, apple picking, bestie night, seeing my Gram at her nursing home and my Dad’s plaque…exhaustion that is both physical and mental.

Something happened before we went to Boston that’s resonated with me. I saw an article on Facebook I think, and it was a woman who blogs for herself about Huntington’s Disease. It helps her to know other people are out there who are feeling what she feels and hurts in very similar ways to her. That’s what I want with my blog. I want people to read my blog and be relieved to know that they’re NOT alone.

I just lost my Dad to HD in January…I know the pain. I’ve been watching my Gram deteriorate for the past almost 20 years. I know what it’s like to see my Dad shake and slur and think I’m my Sister.

I feel like I’ve been fundraising for HD forever. It’s a part of who I am and part of my faith in a cure. I pray for a cure, I pray for treatments, I pray that no one else will have to feel like this anymore.

So I’m broadening my horizons for my blog. Mental health issues and Huntington’s Disease are where I’ll reside. 😃 They go hand in hand a lot for me. I’ve been talking about myself a lot and I apologize, however, it’s good for me to make it known.

I want to be your go to girl to get a hug and an understanding squeeze from. We can be there going through it together. We got this!!

So, are you going through it too?




Migraine on a Friday?! You MUST be joking!

There are a million things that I can say are great and I’m such a very loved and blessed woman!!! That being said the weather has changed, I have a dreadful headache. 😞 I get nervous when I get a headache because my Bipolar tends to switch from my migraine.
Does anyone else know about this? I know that migraines are a very individual thing. I’m also finding bipolar to be an individual ride. I know that everyone has some off days but I never seem to share mine. I’m all happy all the time 😃
I’m the happiest Monday blogger!!

I just stumbled upon a bipolar Beachbody coach’s page on Facebook so I’m excited to follow her!
The medications just floor me. One that I took had a warning that actually said Will cause weight gain. Awesome. The side effects seem to be worse than the symptom it treats. Right now I’m battling continuos hair loss. It makes me sick and depressed EVERY shower. Good thing I have my Cosmetology License…yeah a lot of friggen good it does. The worst part is I have no idea which medication it is…so frustrating!!! Ugly ugly domino effect!

Anyway back to my sunshine!! I just felt it was important for all of my beloved readers to see that I have bad days that aren’t all lovey dovey and rainbows. 😃. My psycho puppy has spazzed herself out and is deep in slumber, thank goodness! I could use a break from the squeaky toy.



My Dad’s birthday was yesterday. He would’ve been 59 😢
It’s the first birthday since he passed away in January. My Love got me these gorgeous flowers to brighten an otherwise crappy day. He is my rock and I’m so very thankful for him each and every day!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜