Happy Sunday night!

So another weekend has come to an end and My Love is back at work.  I’m about to fill up my week with healthy food choices, cardio and weight training, networking meetings and business exposures.  Not to mention some shopping…I love me some bargain shopping 🙂  Coupons are fun!!!

I’m pleased to report that I finally made it back to the actual gym, not our fitness room here at our apartment complex.  It was AWESOME!  I missed it more than I even realized.  I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes just getting through the week is a huge accomplishment.  My health challenges are a little more of an issue than I thought I guess.  Once you’re feeling super good you realize that you were not so good as you first thought.

My Love and I had an amazing weekend as usual.  Yesterday was a fundraiser party for children’s charities.  What a great party it was once again!  A couple of My Love’s products were sponsors of the event.  It was a great celebration!  Lots of silent auction items, and lots of money raised for Denver’s children in need.

I’m trying to figure out what I’d have to write about to get more readers…I think that the past 2 posts I’ve gotten no love on.  I still want to be true to my journey and what I want to do.  I want to be accountable with my workouts and healthy eating.  I want to make sure I’m keeping myself in check with my feelings and try to figure out how to be my best me.  I’m reading personal development books to be my best business self.  I follow healthy living blogs to get ideas for my fit life 🙂

Side note: I’ve started to make vanilla protein, frozen strawberries, banana coconut water smoothies and I’m hooked!  It’s incentive to go kick my butt in the gym!!

New years resolution? Oh yea, I’m kicking it’s ass!!

I’ve been feeling GREAT!!!  Little headaches in the morning but it goes away, and I’ve been BP free for the past week and a half 🙂

I’ve been doing Can You 24? AND Couch 2 5K simultaneously!!!  GO ME!!!  I’m on Week 3 of Couch 2 5K, I did workout 1 today and it was dreadful…but I did it!  I now know what to expect for next time.  I’m in week 3 of the first phase of Can You 24?  It’s a great, quick workout that gets the heart pumping 🙂  My love and I have both been doing the Can You 24 workouts together as much as we can, as well as doing our runs together. (He’s on week 5) 

I’m down 8 pounds since the 8th 🙂  Our clean eating is paying off and I’m excited about it!  This is usually the part where we veer off track “rewarding ourselves” for our hard work.  Now we will have a still mainly clean “cheat” to keep us on track.  We are dedicated to our journey to healthy, fit and trim!!! We are being so good and still enjoying all of our meals!!  Paleo all the way!  If we stray from Paleo we are still Zone so we are still being AWESOME!!!  We have Paleo bread being delivered this week, one made with coconut flour and the other is made with almond flour…I can’t wait to try them!!!