Weekend oh weekend

Chillin oh Chillin ☺️

I’m trying to rest. How do you become rested? Chill out, I can do that but how does one have restful chill time? I don’t know but ill figure it  out. I’m just feeling so overwhelmed and I’m not sure how to shake it. I’m trying to relax. Im always busy. It’s annoying. I just wanna keep my bra off, yup I just went there. 😊

We took the princess pup to get all beautified. 💜😊 She’s too cute!! 💜 All shampooed, trimmed and cleaned up.  She’s so sweet she didn’t care at all. My sweet lil Bailey. Speaking of which she was trying to bury a hard boiled egg under some clothes in the bedroom. Little shit!! 🐶🐕🐾

I have to go to work for my long day tomorrow. Let’s leave it at I’m not impressed 😊 Once you accept that you hate your job, every second sucks ass!! 🙃

I’m looking for a new job like its a full time job. A free massage a month is a great perk but I just don’t like it there. On to the next right?! 😊😊😊

See you tomorrow!!! 💜😊💜


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