Thanks a lot Pinterest

So it has just occurred to me that I missed new post Monday…..and I’ll tell you why: Pinterest.
I was looking through some pins in my feed and they were great pins and they led me to great blogs about great things and I got caught up following the links and the people guest posting on these new blogs I’m finding. I was so excited to be learning all of this cool new stuff for my branding and growing my blog and increasing my visibility. New sites for themes for my blog….next thing it know, I’m falling asleep on the couch with a million tabs open on my Safari and my laptop is close to over heating….and no blog post.

I’m currently sitting in the airport at the gate and My Love and I have completed breakfast and we are hard at work waiting. We are Boston bound for my cousin’s wedding this weekend.
I miss my people so it’ll be nice to see everyone…but we miss Bailey 😢

We dropped her off last night and I cried for an hour at least. I had a headache and I was stuffed up to the max from crying. That rapidly growing silly pup has my heart. 💜💜

I’ll try and have a couple good pictures from the wedding to post, but I will for sure have some food pictures, you know I’m good for those!

We did really well with eating well and working out last week! Our agreement is working well, for the first week anyway. 😃





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