Migraine on a Friday?! You MUST be joking!

There are a million things that I can say are great and I’m such a very loved and blessed woman!!! That being said the weather has changed, I have a dreadful headache. 😞 I get nervous when I get a headache because my Bipolar tends to switch from my migraine.
Does anyone else know about this? I know that migraines are a very individual thing. I’m also finding bipolar to be an individual ride. I know that everyone has some off days but I never seem to share mine. I’m all happy all the time 😃
I’m the happiest Monday blogger!!

I just stumbled upon a bipolar Beachbody coach’s page on Facebook so I’m excited to follow her!
The medications just floor me. One that I took had a warning that actually said Will cause weight gain. Awesome. The side effects seem to be worse than the symptom it treats. Right now I’m battling continuos hair loss. It makes me sick and depressed EVERY shower. Good thing I have my Cosmetology License…yeah a lot of friggen good it does. The worst part is I have no idea which medication it is…so frustrating!!! Ugly ugly domino effect!

Anyway back to my sunshine!! I just felt it was important for all of my beloved readers to see that I have bad days that aren’t all lovey dovey and rainbows. 😃. My psycho puppy has spazzed herself out and is deep in slumber, thank goodness! I could use a break from the squeaky toy.



My Dad’s birthday was yesterday. He would’ve been 59 😢
It’s the first birthday since he passed away in January. My Love got me these gorgeous flowers to brighten an otherwise crappy day. He is my rock and I’m so very thankful for him each and every day!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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  1. Just deleted a long response that rambled on and on. Instead, I’ll just say this, I love you. I love that you always look for the positive, and always express your gratitude. That said, you can also complain….we all need to do that once in a while. My blog of the day would say something along the lines of needing to get out of my own way and accomplish enough to feel good about it. So that’s what I’m off to do. Wish me luck! I hope your headache goes away quickly and that your bipolar stays under control. Love you. ❤


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