Another Marvelous Monday!



So this is me at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs!  It is such a massive gorgeous place!  

My cousin and her little one brought me there, I had never been before!  So gorgeous!

Anyway I just like to have pics in my posts!  🙂

This past week showed me awesomeness and defeat!  My mental health keeps throwing small punches, but I’m overcoming!  Some sleeplessness and some sluggishness.  I’m trying to stay even but there’s just some craziness going on.  I kicked booty with 3 workout days in a row!  That’s a giant first for me lately.  I tried Zumba…that was funny!  GREAT workout!!!  I’m sure I’ll get better after going a few times but boy was I awkward!  Surprise surprise right 🙂

My Love FINALLY got home late Thursday night!  He had a great but long trip.  Now I’m leaving for my week long trip back home to Boston…see you again in August My Love 🙂

Yes you read correctly, BOSTON BOUND!!  Tomorrow I leave to the annual July trip for my niece Peanut’s birthday!!!  FRESH SEAFOOD!!  GREAT ITALIAN FOOD!!!  BESTIE TIME!!  MOMMA TIME!!  SISTER TIME!!!  BEACH TIME!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!

BAD PART: I’m flying solo tomorrow 😦  My Love just got back and has loads of work to do…bummer!  Hopefully he’ll be able to join me for the weekend!!    I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever and I’m leaving already.  I’m so lame…I’m a super mush!  Still madly in love over 4 years later! I’m pretty sure it’ll be like that forever!!!  

Do any of you mountain bike?  We want to…but know nothing about it.  We live in an amazingly gorgeous state, why not take advantage of it?!?!  Once I get back we ARE getting mountain bikes!!   Hopefully it’ll go smooth…..yeah smooth!!!   

I’m sitting here like I have nothing to do…I should start packing!!  Oh when do you check your emails?



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