Mondays need not suck!

Good evening family and friends!!  Summer’s here and I LOVE IT!!!

Did you all have an amazing weekend???  I did!  My Love is STILL away on business and I’m missing him A LOT, BUT I’m still doing my thing.  Winning the Days as I like to call it 🙂  Working out, keeping up with my obligations, meeting people and building relationships, and eating clean.  Sounds good to me.  Time’s ticking for us to pack it up and into a great new spot….still need to find it though.  Time crunch….what time crunch?  I’m absolutely NOT Winning the Day packing…oh how I hate packing!!!!  It’s just so daunting!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

Okay back to my happy bubble 🙂  The packing and moving will be done and I’ll get a million boxes and tape and trash bags tomorrow, it’s on my list.  No really, it is 🙂

I’m having a super productive day and I think I’m just kind of surprised and pleased…but only because I’ve been programmed to automatically hate Mondays.  

I’ve gone to my appointment and made another one from there, dropped off papers to the mortgage guy, hit the gym, made Paleo Shepherds Pie, grocery shopped, ate clean, got on my conference call…read and done a blog post…and it’s only 6:30!!!  Who am I!??!!?  I knew my KICK ASS SHIRT would give me a good day!!! (Red Sox of course!!!)  I looked like a bruise in black and blue as My Love would say.  I guess I still need some blue yoga pants 🙂

It’s almost time for my trip back home to Boston!!!  I cannot wait to see everyone!!!  My sister and I have a date to go see my Dad’s plaque at the cemetery.  It’s going to be sad but I just want to see that his final resting place looks good.  I sure do miss our unconventional relationship.  

Of course the other plans we have are fun, no tears there.  Good Italian food, great, fresh seafood….oh HELLO!!!

My niece, Peanut is turning 7!  She’s so beautiful and mature now.  I miss her tiny super chubby body.  We had a lot of great bonding time that I’m clinging to desperately.  I’m hoping I’m cool enough to still be relevant.  I will be visiting 2 times a year to them…not enough…FaceTime sometimes…still not enough….I will not give up hope.  My dream life has the whole family coming to Colorado for a week in the summer.  Yeah, I know, dream life 🙂  Peanut’s little sister Chicken isn’t going to have the same solid foundations to start of with and that often breaks my heart.  BUT I’ll do what I can to stay relevant.  Those little faces have my heart.  My little ladies 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway, no more mush.  I’m getting My Love back late Thursday night, SO I’m 2 days in a row right now at the gym…I made a pact to him that I’d workout 4 times while he was gone.  I’m pretty sure that I’m at 3 now.  I kind of want to see how many I can do…press the limit and set the bar higher for future business trips.  My BIG BIG challenge is my Boston trip…luckily I get a free gym membership! I’m hoping to get there!!!  I’m not too sure about the vehicle situation yet…..the hurdle!  I’m driven, I’m motivated and I want it!!!  Ahhh the benefits of momentum!!!  


Have a great week everyone!!!


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