During the day…it’s different

So I’ve been going to a few new networking groups to meet people and find out about them and their businesses and it’s always hard to put me in a “commercial”. I feel like I don’t fit into traditional proportions. I’m a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, an Aunnie, a grand daughter. I’m also a grieving daughter, a survivor and an entrepreneur. I have a blog and a business. I love people watching and happy hours. I love coffee shops and tea shops. I have health challenges that make every day a challenge. Each day I aspire to Win the Day šŸ™‚

Working out, eating clean and having an all around successful day is Winning The Day. I want to help people identify with me. The people with migraines, the people with bipolar disorder, the people with hypothyroid. We have challenges in daily activities. It takes it all out of me to function daily all day. I crash after my day and frequently just fall asleep. Head back, out cold. A couple of appointments, the gym, lunch, a blog post…I’ll be out cold by 11 šŸ™‚

My Love is out travelling the country for business. He’s in Milwaukee and will be heading to South Carolina just in time for a big ass hurricane…sweet! I’ll be in Boston with my fantastic family for just under a week. It is my Sister’s older daughter’s 7th birthday!!! My sweet Peanut!! I miss her like crazy and cannot wait to see her and her adorable little sister Chicken! I’ll also be getting a BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t get those in the mountains!! Margs with the Bestie…family…beach day…AND AMAZING FOOD!!! I hope to get a bunch of workouts in while I’m there…My Love and I are on a mission to our best selves. He’s My Love and my accountability partner.

So I’m writing while it’s light out…a new concept for me. Normally I write late at night so no one will see my posts. Now I’m looking to be seen and to have my blogs out there. šŸ™‚

Please leave me a comment so I know you were here! If you have a blog leave it here so I can drop by your page šŸ™‚


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