I got the crap end of a 50/50 shot

So I’m on a rampage and the only safe place for me to blow my top is here. My sister is mad because our family seems to think we have a communicable disease. Sister and I are fundraisers for Huntingtons Disease. It is a terrible terrible disease and we are trying like hell to save our lives. We don’t want anyone to feel the way we do. To have to watch your loved ones literally disappear before your eyes. Shakes like Parkinson’s, memory loss like Alzheimer’s and motor loss like Lou Gehrig.
Our grandmother used to be a nurse and would play Barbies with us. Now she has no idea what’s going on and eats thru a tube.
My Dad used to take us bowling and have lunches of McDonalds on weekends. Now he has had his drivers license taken away due to his deterioration.
It’s AWFUL!!!!!
That being said we walk for Hope for HD every year. For the first time I’m working with the Rocky Mountain Chapter and they’re great!!! I don’t know who will see this but if you can, please, any donation will help. Change in your car seats, money under your mattress ;). All help is greatly greatly appreciated!!
We reached out to our cousins and 2 out of 9 even responded. The other 7 are like statues. If I knew my cousins had genetics for a terminal disease PLEASE BELIEVE that I would move hell and high water to fix it, any way that I could so they wouldn’t hurt. That’s supposed to be what blood does. Not ignore the whole thing, that’s ignorant.
So now we feel like 2nd class citizens. It’s not doing much for family morale that’s for damn sure.
My friends care, My Love cares, My Loves family is better than mine in dealing with all of this.
So now I love his family more than mine, I’m very very thankful to have support, just surprised where the rock stars came from.
I am hurt. I am angry. I am hopeful.
I am raising funds to save our family 🙂



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