More jalapeño pepper problems…

So it’s a summer rain down pour here in CO.  My Love is out networking for one of his businesses.  I am not doing a whole lot.  I’m pretty much useless today due to my migraine hang over.  The day after a LONG bout with a miserable, 3 day long migraine I’m dumb.  I’m more forgetful than usual.  I’m more clumsy than usual.  I’m rendered stupid for hopefully only one day.

One thing I DID do is hit up the grocery store to get things for UnCivilized Caveman’s Jalapeño Dijon Chicken.  It is THE BOMB DOT COM!!!!!!!!!!  If you want something delicious, find him on FaceBook.  Amazing recipes that are Paleo!!  So there’s 4 jalapeños diced in the marinade.  I know to be careful when cutting and cleaning the peppers but geez, I was not expecting to be wheezing, eyes burning, coughing, and sneezing…that is a bit much!  I’m still a rookie sometimes in the kitchen.  And on a dumb day.  

I haven’t worked out much this past week with all of this migraine nonsense.  I’m hoping the next upcoming week will be more productive.  It’s also a Date Day Week!!!  Good stuff all around!  Sunday My Love is off so we can go to a friend’s wedding.  Then only 2 shifts at the casino then we’re off: Michigan to see the family!  So exciting, a getaway is exactly what we need!  

In other exciting news, I’m up to 21 followers!!!

 Thanks you so much!!  I’m a bad ass, I know!  Next I’m going to try to figure out how to get my people to comment…


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