Eaters remorse

So My Love is working days for a few days from home. It’s his “weekend” from the casino. I go and open my big mouth and want “healthy Mexican”. So Urban Spoon has always found us some great food. I foolishly pick one, and we go.
It looked a bit shabby from outside…not to be confused with shabby sheik. We have been being really good and it was okay to go out for a bite. We walked in and should’ve walked right back out. So we sit, and there are no specials, no fun drink menu, nothing to hint at anything but a lack luster lunch. Our food arrives and it was blah blah blah. There was no one but us in the whole place and now we know why. It was a very very bad use of a cheat. Hence my Eaters Remorse. Now I’ll have to work extra hard in my workout later.
Disappointing for sure!!
Have you done that?
It’s such a bummer!!


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