Motivation, Inspiration, Focused action, and a name

Good evening and Happy 4th!! Well I’m a bit late but it’s still a holiday weekend, so it counts. I’m writing tonight to give myself some credit for kicking a migraine that lead to a bipolar switch. It took me off track a little but nothing that I can’t handle with the strength and support from My Love.

Now that I’m back on track, we’re focused on eating well, working out, staying madly in love and climbing corporate ladders.

Next we’re diving into fund raising for our local HDSA chapter! I did some work with the MA HDSA chapter but I’ve been in CO for the past couple of years and now I’m settled and ready to jump in! Huntington’s Disease is a disease that my family takes very seriously. We have loved ones fighting a daily battle and we want to do any and every thing possible to get donations for research. It’s getting closer and I want to see and end to it completely!!

I’m so excited, focused and motivated. I think I may even come out from behind the anonymous blogger curtain. Own it all right? I’m just so inspired. I just read a Heidi Powell blog post and it just made me take a step back and see if I’m being authentic, if I’m being true to myself, if I’m being me, the real me. Am I? Nope, I’m not. I write a blog from my heart and from my imperfections. I lay it all out, yes…..BUT I don’t sign my name on the line. I hide because I’m imperfect, because I have issues, because I’m flawed. BUT now I’m saying it’s all true and it’s all me….Chrissi Penney <



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