Monday’s edition of Winning the Day :)

Day 2 back at it!  We ate clean, worked out and had a pretty decent day.  Not bad for it only being Monday.  I was suppose to hit up yoga again, but for some odd reason there wasn’t any.  BUMMER I wanted to do some downward dog 🙂

Tonight I’m hitting the hay a bit early to do some reading.  I’m reading How to Win Friend and  Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  The company I work with is amazing at promoting personal growth every step of the journey.  Maybe my business can’t be what I want it to be until I’m a better person for it.  In that case I’d better go get reading.  

ImageI just wanted to see if I could put a picture in….I DID IT!  

I made a chicken stir fry for dinners tonight: My Love is at his FT job so he takes his to go and mine goes in the fridge until I feel like eating it.  We had it over brow rice and it was quite delicious.  It was chicken, red and green peppers, bok choy, onions and carrots.  It came out really well.  We saw a recipe from The Uncivilized Cave Man: It’s Jalapeño dijon Chicken…are you kidding me??? That’s going to be insanely good!!!  Hopefully we’ll get to make it this week!!  I’ll let you all know for sure!

Well on another front, the Bruins won again tonight!!!  2 wins away from the Stanley Cup!!!  I’m so excited!!  



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