So…my chatter box, unbalanced self goes to my first yoga class

I was nervous for sure.  I didn’t think I was yoga material.  I was envisioning awful outcomes, hoping they would not become my one hour of reality.  I am a self proclaimed Sweaty Betty and hot yoga is a bad idea.  Luckily the heat wasn’t quite up to par so it was “only” 85 in there.  I was sweating just from being in there.  I was the oldest person in the class.  The yoga instructor was super sweet, very welcoming, and lead a great class (well in my opinion anyway).  The class was filled with 20, early 20 somethings who were all in perfect condition and ultra flexible.  Well let’s just say, I’m not. It was fun, and I shall return next Monday as well.

On other fronts, I seem to have a new, small obsession with the Powell Pack.  Chris and Heidi Powell are so successful, positive, smart and happy.  They’re partners in business as well as life.  They’re also experts on nutrition and fitness.  Now the latter part of that is where I have the trouble.  That’s why I headed to Barnes & Noble with 7  minutes until close.  I HAD to get his new book Choose More, Lose More for Life.  I read it until I fell asleep last night.   I’m about to crack it open again tonight.   

Today is My Love’s Friday!  He’ll get home in the morning at 5:30 and is off for 4 days!  We are excited because we get to watch the Bruins get closer to the Stanley Cup!

We’ve been juicing just under a week now.  There’s no question that green juices are awesome.  They’re a nutritional power house and they’re delicious.  That being said, there’s a small part of me that says they’re a pain in the ass.  Just being honest.  I’m hungry every 2 hours.  It’s all super clean calories and awesome juice for us.  I’m going to do it regardless, but it’s not a take and go kind of drink.  My Love’s had to take them to work this week and they just don’t look good after a half hour.  The whole point is to get super fresh fruit and veggies.  The next 4 days will be super fresh juice for both of us.

Do you juice?  Do you like hockey? Do you have a blog?


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