Juicing a jalapeno can be hazardous to your health

I’m not kidding…you need a mask and to hold your breath.  We learned that the hard way 🙂  OH and the juices after the jalapeno ones…still spicy…learned that one the hard way too.

Live and learn right?  We’ve been juicing for a few days now and it’s getting a little easier now that we’re in it.  At first it’s overwhelming, there’s so many choices and you want what’s best for the body and brain.  That may not taste so great.  Luckily we’re liking all of the juices so far and they’re not so much of a pain as I initially feared it would be.  Now that we’re more in the flow, it’s all good!  Yummy juices, healthy bodies and brains!  20oz mason jars and a Jack LaLane…Sprouts has been my 2nd home (produce market) this week.  They love me 🙂

I went for my evening walk around my gorgeous mountain neighborhood to cap off my night. My Love is at his casino job overnight so I’m alone with my green juice, the TV and a MacBookPro 🙂 

I’m hoping to keep my head in the game with healthy eating, juicing and fitness.  Do any of you have go to motivation boosters?  I’d love to hear them!! 🙂  I look at my fitness inspiration board on Pinterest.  Also I try talking to My Love and he’s usually a good influence 😉


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