She said “It’s all about the title” So what will this get me?

Firstly I am having so much fun lately!!  I’m going to networking events to make friends and build my network while building my net worth.  Ha it’s funny like a rhyme 🙂  My Love and I had 4 days of fun together while he was off of his full time job.  He still worked from home but just having him around makes me smile!!  We worked out a couple days and hung out a couple days.  I went to a brunch today and it was nice(mimosas!).  I admitted that I have a blog (it’s okay they’re strangers).  I’m not too sure why I’m hiding it…I think because I’m too honest about my ailments and I lie right to people’s faces about how I am.  As much as I don’t like to admit it, I DO care what people think of me.  Annoying right?  It’s none of my business how my family and friends think of me.  I appreciate them in front of me, behind my back is not of my concern.  

It’s getting close to my birthday!!  February 24!!  Holy moley!  I’m excited for my hair appointment…the hair is out of control…I’ve been neglecting it.  Bad Bad cosmetologist!!

I just spent an hour watching 2 videos by Maria Forleo and the woman is a genius.  If you want to sell something it’s not about what you have, it’s how you position and sell it.  So since I’m looking to sign up travel club members and build the business in the process.  So I’ll tell you that I have the way to get you on the vacation you ABSOLUTELY NEED!!!  When you tell me you have to work, I’ll follow up with I have a way that you can get out of your life sucking job…taking vacations with your family and friends.  The cost of the travel club is less than you’ll save on your first vacation.  Awesome right?!  Let’s do it!!  I’d love to tell you all more, but no spam!  I’m being honest, Maria Forleo is PRETTY SMART!!  What do you all sell or do to build your fortunes?


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