Kicking a$$ and winning the days

So it’s Saturday and we have hit it 3 days in a row with our Couch 2 5k workouts. He finished week 2 and I finished week 1. Historically I have tried Couch 2 5k several times before but have never made it past week 4. I am making it my mission to make it to the end!!!!! I will do it, no excuses!!! I’m glad to report that my recovery breathing has gotten a little better and I’m hoping this new addition to my body’s strength that I’ll be able to wiz through where I get stuck.
We have been having our Christmas since Wednesday 🙂
I have a bunch of things to improve upon in my life. I want to master meal plans and grocery shopping. I honestly want to figure out how much I save us by couponing. I sure do enjoy it!! I try to cook in bulk so when he’s at his full time job I won’t need to cook and he has healthy choices with him so fast food won’t be an option. Big batched things separate and store easily for quick meals to pack or heat up. I do love cold cuts too. Lettuce, tomato, cheese and meat on a deli flat… Yum!!!!!
I always get sad when its the start of his workweek. We have so much fun 🙂
I’m happy that we are getting back on track with our workouts. It’s nice to have a week head start over the New Years Resolution people.
I’m going to get two glass cylindrical vases and some colored marbles and label one Pounds To Lose and the other Pounds Lost. I think the visuals will help me to stay on track. That’s the plan anyway 😉

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