Holy Moley!!!

Wow is all I have to say for the last week…..Started off amazing ended miserably.  Headache started on Sunday and lasted until Friday.  WTH?!?!  There was varying intensities, vomit and a trip to the ER.  WHY you ask?!  If only I knew!!!  I have slept, ALOT!  I was miserable, ALOT.  I even cried twice.  On the up side TOMMY IS THE BOMB DOT COM!!!!!!!!  He took care of me like a rockstar!!

My bipolar disorder has been pretty well behaved while my head was out of control.  YAY!!!

Sidenote:  I’m doing a ween off ibuprofen.  So I’m taking 3 3X a day for 3 days as my first leg of the cycle.

Also I have not been working out but I am today.  I’m starting Couch 2 5K AGAIN.  I’ve done it 2 or 3 times now and I haven’t gotten past week 4 yet.  I will this time because I want to be able to just “go for a run”.  It sounds like it’d be so therapeutic and a good way to burn some calories.

It’s Christmas weekend and I’ll be on my own, as my love will be working 😦  I missed my little blog world.  I’m back!


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