Mixed bag today…

So I DID do a workout that my future self will thank me for but it’s kind of like cheating if I’m in the middle of a manic episode….I PR’d on my workout, again I feel like it’s cheating.  I’m happy…Dr. would say “too happy” but I like the mania…I just know it to be temporary and I’ll be bumming hardcore once the “up” goes back “down”.  I’m an upbeat friendly person by nature and I definitely feel more like “ME” when I’m up…I just have to watch it.  As long as I’m getting my rest I should be fine 🙂

     I have a bit more Christmas shopping to do…I should get to it since I’ll have to ship it all.  That’s definitely a down part to living far away.  I make sure to have my sister’s family’s stuff shipped there…I feel bad though because she has to wrap it 🙂  Nah I don’t REALLY feel that bad 🙂  I actually have things that I’ve asked for.  Not generally my style to ask for things but people ask, so I’ll tell.  

     I wonder if people besides my sister and my boyfriend will ever read this.  I do it mainly for me, to get to put some thoughts down.  I’m a chicken, that’s why I haven’t linked it to my real life.  This is pretty personal stuff…I feel like it’s safe because I’m not in an actual picture.  Someday I could change my mind but not yet.

     My boyfriend and I try to eat clean as much as possible.  Tonight I’m making dinner while’s he’s out working.  We’re having Paleo Diet Lifestyle’s Paleo Meatloaf with mushrooms and baked potatoes (not paleo).


It’s going to be YUMMY!!!  I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂


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